Annapurna Living is a lifestyle resource where all women can receive inspiration and nourishment.

We accept a limited number of guest submissions and are looking for unique, well-written articles designed to nourish, uplift, and inspire women in the following categories:

  • Soulful entrepreneurship
  • Creativity
  • Personal stories that uplift & inspire
  • Relationships
  • Self-care
  • Home & kitchen

Our themes for the rest of 2017 are as follows. Stories that fit these themes are highly encouraged, and please send in your stories prior to the month of the theme they match so that we have time to review and prepare:

  • July: Softness—as women, we hold a unique strength that is soft as it is fierce. We welcome stores about this softness in action, or any stories where this kind of softness shows up. 
  • August: Vibrate the Cosmos—August is a month of major cosmic forces, bringing us an eclipse that hasn't been seen since the 1970s. We welcome stories about cosmic collisions and creations, as well as any informative stories about the eclipse and any other sky activity that may be of interest.  
  • September: Venus in Gold—this month is a month of transition, when leaves turn to gold and we must dance the delicate dance of letting go while simultaneously holding on and building resources in a time of harvest and preparation. Autumn, compost, luminescence are all key words here. Send us any stories inspired by these. 
  • October: Holding Home—home sweet home. Home is where the heart is. There's no place like home. Home is wherever I'm with you. Send us your stories about home—being home, making a home, having a home, wanting a home—both literal and metaphorical.
  • November: Empathy Elixir—we are in an age where empathy is in more demand than ever. We must have it with our children, our loved ones, and even strangers around us and around the world. We would love to hear stories where empathy was a key player, where it sparked a revelation, solved a situation, or opened a heart. 
  • December: By the Fire—this month we are thinking about endings. The end of the year, the end of the season...and with this comes new beginnings. The solstice, the new year, and so on. This is a month where we draw to the fire to warm ourselves, to hear stories with people we love, to read a book, and sometimes to burn up what we are done with. This month we are looking for stories about gathering, holidays, fire, and flame. 


Send us fresh, out-of-the-box, creative, meaningful content that is high-vibrational and sophisticated. Surprise us! We want conversations to feel like we are sitting around a rustic wood table with mugs of steaming herbal tea or a double espresso while sharing our stories. Think intimate and transformational, with the subtle power of healing laughter, gentle honesty, and luminous truth. Use a warm tone and write to someone you know and love. Write what you've learned, experienced, or need to hear. Write about what moves you. We'd rather you think “stories” than articles—write up close, and give the reader something to hold onto and take away.

Remember: we want conversations.


Submit your 700-1000 word article in a Word document that also includes an eye-catching & sophisticated title and your written bio with appropriate media links. Include an author photo, but attach it separately—do not embed it into your article submission. If you have personal photos to accompany your article, you may submit them, but Annapurna Living reserves the right to publish the article with or without your photos. All quotes must be properly credited. Use curly-quotation marks, proper em-dashes, and only one space between sentences (no double-spaces, please!).


If your submission is accepted for publication we will reach out to you. Please do not email to follow up; if you do not hear from us within 6 to 8 weeks, please do not take it as a mark against your work—it simply means it's not what we need at this time. We can't wait to see what you have for us!

Please email submissions to and put "Submission" in the email title.