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When I teach yoga to a small group of women in my living room, I describe meditation as the feeling of sitting at the altar of your soul.
— Carrie-Anne Moss
10 Days to a Simple and Sincere Meditation Practice by Carrie Anne Moss via

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Hi beauties! 

10 Days to a Simple & Sincere Meditation Practice begins November 11, 2015. No matter where you are in your meditation journey—if you've never practiced a day in your life, or if you teach meditation for a living—this class will gently guide, encourage, and uplift you.

For 10 days, you will receive—

  • Simple how-to video training from me
  • Nourishing & thoughtful assignments to help support your practice
  • Inspiring daily letters
  • A world-wide community of women to connect with on Instagram, if you choose (not required for the course)

...and more! My meditation class is designed to take only a few moments a day, so no matter your lifestyle, or what your everyday asks of you or where your energy is allocated, I will help you gently shift and peacefully transform your life. As a working mother, it is essential for my practices to be fulfilling, manageable, and ease-full—that's why my courses are created with simple sophistication and fierce, feminine wisdom. And I am passionate about creating ways for women to find nourishment within their busy lives.

Join me In the Living Room—a global meditation circle for women.

Let me support you, share my practice with you, be inspired by you—and let us support each other as we spend a few moments a day sitting at the altar of our soul.

Photo by Catherine Just

Photo by Catherine Just


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10 Days to a Simple and Sincere Meditation Practice

Beginning November 11, 2015, you will receive a daily, inspirational love-letter delivered straight to your inbox featuring intimate video training from me, nourishing guidance, simple assignments and more designed to establish and support your meditation practice.

Q. I joined, and the course has started, but I haven’t gotten any emails.
A. Please check your spam, junk, or bulk folders. Sometimes emails get filtered out of your inbox. The email you used when you signed up (e.g., through PayPal) is the one we used for your membership. If you’d rather us use a different email address, please let us know. 

Q. What do I need in order to take this course?
A. Daily emails contain written, audio, and/or visual training. You need a computer equipped with sound and speakers and / or headphones. You may also wish to journal through the process. If you desire community, an Instagram account may be helpful to share your journey with others.

Q. I can’t join right now but want to take this course. Will you offer it again?
A. We have many excited plans for the future, including for this class. Stay connected through our mailing list so you’ll stay up to date!

Q. How long will I have access to the materials after the course ends?

A. This class is designed to feel as if you are gathered in Carrie-Anne’s living room within a soulful circle of women. The daily love-letters and any files you download are for your own continued private reference. The video training is intended to be available for the duration of the class only.