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I am very grateful and feel already nourished as a woman and soul working with Carrie Anne and all the women here from all over the world. Thank you so much for bringing this into my life. It is such a precious and beautiful project. I love the simplicity and the truthfulness behind it. No pretending. No big things. No wonders that will change your life. The only thing we have to do is practice. Breathe. Come back. Touch our hearts and just go the way. Step by step. Thank you for going it with us.
— Nives
I am so grateful for this collective and all the offerings from Carrie Anne Moss and all of the women. I have always been more of a girl who was hanging out with boys and I have always longed for a circle of women to belong to. Our collective is only virtual but nonetheless very powerful for me. It heals my wounds and my own patterns around competition and envy amongst women. I will take all this preciousness and bring it into my non-virtual reality. Thank you all so much.
— Hanna L.
This course is success. I have never felt more touched, more connected, more at peace. Carrie Anne I wish I could say clearly how much this means to me, to finally have a path that feels right - but please know it’s a blessing. I am truly grateful to have found what I need in this time and place!
— Cherie A.
Thanks for all that you do—this course is truly inspiring. Joining back in February was the best decision I have made in years.
— Dana R.
Every month I look forward to the Carrie Anne’s new content and the comments from all the women. You all pull me out of darkness, and my head, and help me get back on track. Thank you.
— Mary