What if connection to your Self brings you closer to your children? What if connection to your children is the answer to every parenting struggle you have ever faced?
— Carrie-Anne Moss & Natalie Christensen
This eCourse is designed for the working mothers,
the stay-at-homes, and the in-betweens.

Hello beauties!

Would you like to see your children through new eyes?

Are you curious about what may unfold in your family when you bring your most authentic self to the table?

Would you like to be more in touch with your feelings in order to be free of unconscious action, so that you can guide your lives and children from a grounded, connected, self-aware place?

Do you crave intimacy, connection, truth, beauty, and joy?

Welcome to MOTHER

A four-week exploration of compassion, connection, and creating the life we crave.

“This has been one of the most useful and life changing things I have been a part of. I thought I knew what compassion was and I definitely know what tough love is. They can both be effective. The difference is connection. Thank you a thousand times for defining this for me. I am seeing evidence of this new skill all around me.” —Jill

About this class

MOTHER is a four-week haven of intimacy, self-discovery and connection

As we circle together you will receive valuable information about how your brain works in times of stress, crisis, or unwanted emotion. You will learn useful, easy, accessible ways to circumvent triggering and how to make choices about how you interact with yourself and others. You will learn tools to create a family environment that works without anger, violence, shouting, and control. You will develop connection with your loved ones and frolic in the happy field of meaningful interactions. You will learn to ground yourself in a second-by-second timeframe with tools you already have within your own heart. You will feel better. You will feel part of a larger world of women who are finding their way through personal and emotional integrity. You will feel optimistic and capable as you experience radical transformation—

  • in your relationship to yourself

  • in your relationship with your partner and friends

  • in your relationship to your children

  • in the emotional environment of your home

  • in your feelings

  • in your understanding of your own emotional landscape

  • in your struggle to make your children be different/act different/move faster

And, along with this deep transformation, you will also receive—

  • Community

  • Actual step-by-step tools to get through difficult moments

  • Actual step-by-step tools to better your relationship with your children/spouse/friends

  • Inspiration

  • Insight into your choices, outbursts, struggles

  • Peace of mind

  • Support

  • Creative prompts for self-care

  • Four calls -


  • Week one—MOTHER Deep—It Rests in You: Connection to Self

  • Week two—MOTHER Truth—To Love and Be Loved: Connection to Others

  • Week three—MOTHER Dance—Living From the Heart: Connection to our Children

  • Week four—MOTHER Spirit—You Have Everything You Need: Connection to the Conscious Collective

We created MOTHER because we feel women are craving to bring consciousness and creativity to their families and to their lives. Click here to learn more.

We want this space to feel like a gift you give yourself because, as mothers, we don't have many windows in our days to step out and focus on our own growth. We know this, and created MOTHER with simple ideas, tools and creative prompts that can be used right now in your life. We created it for you—the working mothers, the stay-at-homes, and the in-betweens. We want to support you to be the mother you desire to be and to have relationships with your children rooted in connection.

Please join us and a circle of beautiful, soulful women as we cultivate a life we love, together.

With love,
Natalie and Carrie-Anne

Click here to learn more.

Please see our FAQ below for additional information.

About us

Carrie-Anne Moss

I have a deep desire to support other women in connecting to themselves and their children. MOTHER is the manifestation of my fierce need to bring my true self to the table as a woman and as a mother. When mothering humbles me, and it most certainly does, I schedule a session with Natalie. Natalie supports me in a way that I wish every mother could experience—no gimmicks, no tricks—to get our children to behave. She reminds me and supports me in the truth of CONNECTION. This is why I feel so strongly about sharing this with other women. In this world we must connect to our selves, and through this sacred work we connect to our children. Connection leads to freedom. This is what I crave.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and our three children. I am an actress by trade; I am a mother by heart.

Natalie Christensen

I want to reach mothers who long to feel better, be better, do better at mothering themselves and their children.

I want to help women feel good about themselves and their mothering. I want each day to be better for them. I want them to be more in touch with their feelings so that they can be free of unconscious action, that they can guide their lives and children from a grounded, connected, self-aware place.

I want children to feel accepted and understood and emotionally safe. I want them to feel connected to themselves, their feelings, and to their mother, so that when they are out in the world they can act from a secure place.

I am an artist, parenting coach, and co-creator of Feeleez—Tools for Emotional Education


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Q. I joined, and the course has started, but I haven’t gotten any emails.
A. Please check your spam, junk, or bulk folders. Sometimes emails get filtered out of your inbox. Also, unless you indicated a different email address, the email you used when you signed up (e.g., through PayPal) is the one we used for your membership. If you’d rather us use a different email address, please let us know. 

Q. I don’t have a PayPal account. Is there another way to register?
A. Once you click the “Buy Now” button above, you will be taken to a purchase page. Locate the area below the PayPal account information which offers the choice to “Pay with your debit or credit card.” You may complete your registration here without a PayPal account.

Q. What do I need in order to take this course?
A. This course is held here on Annapurna Living and contains written, audio, and/or visual training. You need a computer equipped with sound and speakers and / or headphones. You may also wish to journal through the process. If you desire community, an Instagram account may be helpful to share your journey with others.

Q. I can’t join right now but want to take this course. Will you offer it again?
A. We hope to offer this course again in the future as well as other classes as part of our In the Living Room digital series. Stay connected through our mailing list so you’ll know when new dates are announced.

Q. How long will I have access to the materials after the course ends?

A. Material will remain accessible for three weeks after the course ends. For the most effective experience, please complete all of your reading and assignments during the duration of the course.

Q. Is this course for mothers of young children?

A. This course is for ALL mothers at all the stages of their lives and all the stages of their children's lives. At the core, it's about connecting to Self and others that we love. These tools will elevate all the relationships you have. 

Q. I will be out of town for a few dates during the course. Do I need to be online during any particular time?

A. You do not need to be online for any particular time. You can go at your own pace and during the part of day most convenient for you. You will have access at least three weeks after the course ends to catch up on any material you like.

Q. Is this course for mothers only? Or can fathers join?

A. Anyone can use these tools and we think fathers would get a lot out of it! As mothers, we speak best to the truth of motherhood and the examples in our teachings tend to be women-oriented. However, any parent is welcome to join!