Cultivate creative energies. Shift the ways you think and feel into abundance. For 10 days, receive daily inspiration, meditations and creative prompts to ignite your soul and spirit as you create the life you crave.
— Carrie-Anne Moss

Milk & Honey: 10 Days to Deeper Prosperity and Abundant Creativity

Hi beauties!

Registration for our October edition of Milk & Honey is open!

Milk & Honey begins with the new moon on October 12, 2015. This simple, 10-day course focuses on cultivating creative energies and shifting into abundance and prosperity modes of feeling and being through meditation. The course will also include daily inspiration and creative prompts to ignite your soul and spirit.

Class structure

Once we begin you will receive a new email each day for 10 days. To share our journey and build our community, we will connect on Instagram with dedicated hashtags that will link us all together. 

I am passionate about creating ways for women to find nourishment within their busy lives. As a working mother, it is essential for my practices to be fulfilling, manageable, and ease-full—that's why my courses are created with simple sophistication and fierce, feminine wisdom. Whether you are a career-woman, busy mom, artist, retired goddess, at the top of your game or needing a spark to ignite your soul, this series is designed to gently guide, encourage, and uplift you as you create the life you crave. Through simple assignments, lush inspiration, compassionate self-care, videos, and more, this series will help you gently shift and peacefully transform your life.

Register now!

Please join me for this simple and beautiful 10-day course! To register, click the “Buy Now” link below. Once you complete your registration, you will be given a Confirmation Packet to download instantly, so check your email! Once registration closes you will receive an official welcome email, and then, starting October 12th, you will receive daily messages delivered to your inbox to guide you through the course.

What others are saying about their experience with Milk & Honey...
“Milk and honey has been transformation for me on every level, from the spiritual to the material. The meditation for abundance and prosperity is still my daily is powerful, purifying, intensely peaceful and aligns me with my deepest desires for the day ahead. I've noticed how subtly and sublimely my inner and outer world's have merged and how easefully my creativity is flourishing from little daily tasks to bigger projects alike. They are infused with great love. I can feel how powerfully it informs and beautifies the way I live. But most of all to share in the journey with the beating heart of all that is and to connect and tap it to that energy with a tribe of incredible and dedicated women who each uphold themselves, ourselves and each other, who cradle the collective yearning for love, light and transformation. A true blessing and the ultimate act of self care.”—Clare Mackay
“What I realized by taking time to reflect, get quiet and journey in, is that I never felt worthy. I did not believe that I deserved to love and be loved. The idea of abundance or gaining prosperity doing what I loved was foreign, so I acted accordingly. I self-sabotaged by accepting jobs I loathed and relationships that hurt. What a gift to change our thoughts and belief systems. Even better alongside a wonderful community. Nurturing myself the way I do my children is difficult but necessary and worth it. By being gentle with myself, I am gentle with others and I didn't realize that impact until now.”—xo, Lauren
“Thank you for hosting the Milk & Honey online program. It was a thrill to follow it with a good friend of mine, to discuss and share with her on a daily basis how our thoughts on abundance were shifting towards gratitude, allowing and joy. Thank you for creating this space in which we were comfortable getting uncomfortable with our own thoughts and patterns and holding sacred space for us to see the crack and the light shine in.”—Namaste, Loreley
“Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience with Milk and Honey. Spending those 10 days with you and the other empowered women was like a warm blanket. I felt nurtured, held, inspired, and challenged by the creative opportunities and invitations. Each day immersed me in thoughtful reflections to contemplate. New practices, such as Kundalini meditation, deepened my experience of truly honoring my mind, body, and spirit. I now end each yoga practice with Sat Nam. The Instagram component allowed me to risk revealing myself, which felt freeing and empowering. I am grateful to have invested in me! Thank you!”—Best, Kelli
“Carrie-Anne's brilliant and clear instructions on the meditations felt empowering to me, and I began to make them a focus of my grounding each day. I was surprised at the ease with which creativity, ideas, and energy started pouring into my life. Milk & Honey gave me the tools to shift my doubts and stuck beliefs, and step into the flow of not just abundance but also of living my truth for why I am here. I love how Carrie-Anne described Kundalini Meditation as technology for our lives, because it truly is! Thank you deeply, Carrie-Anne for sharing this with us!”—Laura Beach Leva
“The Milk & Honey online class was an opportunity for me to deepen my practice in mediation, awareness of my thoughts and energy. It helped me find the time to reconnect to myself again. Having my own photography business, being a mother of two boys and a wife, I tend not to take time for myself and nurture myself. The online class helped me to make the time for myself. Carrie-Anne has an honest, gentle, beautiful way in which she teaches. Through Carrie-Anne’s guidance I was able to look deeper at what was holding me back or what I was holding onto and begin to let go. I am grateful that Carrie-Anne taught this class and shared her gifts with all of those who participate in Milk & Honey.”—Helen Tansey
“Milk and Honey was the break in the clouds that I needed. I felt balanced and full of joy each day after my session. It was my special secret club of amazing people where I felt safe and calm. I keep Milk and Honey in my head now, and when I’m in a fix I know that I have my practice to help me through. Thank you for a new beginning.”—Love and Light, Katherine Moir
“Milk & Honey was everything the name conjures up—soothing, nurturing, nourishing, fulfilling, delicious…. and so much more. I really cherished the sacred space that was created by Milk & Honey and felt each day transitioned perfectly into the next. Thank you so much Carrie-Anne and Annapurna Living for creating this inspiring and beautiful course.”
“I have started on my "Annapurna Living" journey with the first Simple and Sincere Meditation Course and I am now in the midst of "Mother". I took Milk and Honey in between these two, and it was during that I created a sacred space of quiet peace in my home....... a meditation space. A whole office really, but it is much, much more than that. It is where I come to my center...... hear my own voice....... create....... love my work........ hope........ dream........ and meditate and sit in gratitude of my big, beautiful life. You are doing amazing work. Milk and honey is a really powerful way for women, and men to connect with the abundance that is already all around them. Thank you.”—Billi J. Miller
“I LOVED the course. Deeply. For the first time in...ever.....I have a solid meditation practice. I have practiced almost every day since we started within the course. I feel the way the meditation changes my vibration and effects my day-to-day experience and it is SO good. I looked forward to the videos and the prompts. Each day I took at least one small tidbit away from the course that changed, and continues to change, the way I am living this life. I just want MORE!!!! I wish there was a course every month/every other month, just like this but with a different focus....maybe body image or relationships or ??? Thank you! I've been meaning to write this love note for awhile.....”—XO Jill
“Milk & Honey is very inspirational, so much so, the daily mailings are still in my inbox! They serve as a daily reminder for living wholeheartedly. Carrie-Anne's brilliant definition of Fierce Grace is a game changer; thank you for that, now I call on my own FG when I need her. Milk & Honey is also a beautiful introduction or refresher to Kundalini Yoga, which has inspired me to seek out to learn more. Since taking the course this summer, I try to have fresh flowers every week and/or an aromatherapy candle to burn in the evenings as reminders to soften and be brave...I absolutely would recommend this course.”—Elizabeth
“When this course began I was in a dark place due to the grief associated with the sudden death of a loved one. I could have canceled, but a quiet voice within told me not to. And I am so glad that I listened to that whisper of sanity. Through Carrie-Anne's generosity (sharing her gifts openly, her Practice, her wisdom and her own personal experiences) as well as an honest heartfelt invitation to participate in the precious moment to moment richness of my life - I was re rooted - gently, but firmly into my "here and now". I found that my "here and now" was/is so ripe, so rich, so full of creative potential that it is nearly impossible to savor every nuance. She brought mindfulness and gratitude back into my heart through simple yet powerful reminders of what abundance and prosperity truly are. I thank her from the depths of my tender soul and I recommend this course wholeheartedly and without reservation.”—Natalie Durham,
“My experience with Milk and Honey was beautiful. I felt supported, guided and inspired. I am following the recommendations, I still go back to my notes to assimilate daily a little bit more. I sense the teachings are getting deep as I feel more open to possibilities, I sense my creativity flowing and my intuition flourishing. Thank you AnnapurnaLiving.”—Ana Muriel
“Carrie-Anne's Milk & Honey online meditation class was simply Divine! I highly recommend it to anyone seeking abundance, prosperity and creativity in their lives! Thank you so much!”—Anna Fidz
“It was an extraordinary experience, totally new for me, but amazing. Milk & Honey is great for those who are new in meditation practice, like I was, and for those who aren't. It's really simple, I totally loved it. I'm keeping up my daily meditation practice since then and It's been amazing. It helps me a lot. I can feel every day all the benefits that this course has brought to me. Being aware that all is within me was the best part of it, besides being alongside all this wonderful women that I had the pleasure to meet. I'm grateful to have been part of it. Carrie-Anne is such an inspiring guide. Can't wait for another course like this one and I definitely recommend it.”—Karina Fortunata Lopes
“I just loved the course, it lifted me up, gave me power and a great trust in Life. I loved your sweet messages, your presence and your truthfullness very much. I enjoyed every day although I did not always find time to do all the exercises, but the meditation always found it's time. I send you a big hug from Vienna and will stay up to your beautiful things that you create.”—Love and Light, Nives
“Annapurna Living's Milk and Honey was definitely a worthwhile experience. I feel a deep sense of grounding and solidness, profound fierce connection to my soul's purpose. Milk & Honey has been instrumental in helping me listen to my heart. I am still practicing this meditation daily. Thank you for the journaling prompts and the connection to fellow M&H'ers. Thank you, Carrie Anne.”—Sincerely, Karrie Kirchner
“What a gift the online Milk & Honey course was. By following along with my lovely friend, I was able to better voice and thus have witness to my own progress as well as celebrate another's. Just this last week even, I feel a DEEP rooting and awareness of the abundance in my life. It is hard to express in words. The course was perfect in length and depth. It truly planted seeds while watering other budding blooms in my heart and soul.”—Love love love, Elizabeth S.
“Deciding to join Milk and Honey felt sweet and easy. This was refreshing because over the last few years, everything in my life had felt dark and heavy.

I'd reached a point in my personal healing where I knew that I needed stop digging further into darkness and finally take pause to witness the clear table that was in front of me, yearning to be set with new love, light, pretty beliefs and Holy treasure-filled practices that uplift and connect me with the Source within.

Milk and Honey gave simple, thoughtful and realistically do-able, daily, love filled assignments. The beautifully written, carefully curated daily videos, emails, writing prompts, offered me a safe structure that nurtured my learning...eventually gave me the confidence to connect with my own intuition and lead me to create a daily Sadhana that brings me delight and a big smile, everytime I think about it.

Milk and Honey gave me the permission to take pause. I'm a recovering "do-er". I can do lists in my sleep. What I couldn't do is sit and be. So when sitting and being became a part of the assignments, I started to panic. However, now? To take pause. To reflect. To most important.

After a lifetime of: not feeling my body, not feeling what my intuition is yearning for me to know, not feeling connected to what is truthful to me, not feeling what my heart wants...

I want to feel, all the feelings. I want to dive into myself and explore and learn, who I truly am and who I really want to be. I simply cannot go back those ways. It doesn't even compute anymore. M + H was my reset.

Milk and Honey offered me a seat at the table, with gorgeous Sisters on the same journey to uncover what it means to be truly abundant and prosperous. Wishing you a beautiful day...”
—Bella Moon
“I am not a young mother, nor a young hip chick. I am a sometime yogi, an all the time mother, a young widow, a middle age girl on her way to becoming an old crone. Milk and honey was salve for my weary bones that work too hard to try to meet the demands of of our modern life. My values run deep and my desire to be a force of good and joy in the world courses like a tidal wave in my veins. Milk and Honey nudged me to give myself what I needed. It was a way to make space for what was in my heart and a place to be still and just be. I learned lots of new things and accessed some deeper places by making the time to be with myself and consider how I can be a better friend to myself. How can I keep my well fill despite the drip, drip drip of the demands around me and my own desires to live a more authentic and full life with grace? I love Milk and Honey for helping me to sit with those feelings and support me in ways that I need. xxoo Much love and gratitude.”—Susie