Becoming a Young Living Member: what does it mean?

Young Living works a bit differently in that you can’t buy the oils from someone, you have to sign up for an account (under what’s called a distributor) and buy them from Young Living directly.
There are two ways to do that: As a customer or as a member

What is a retail customer?

As a retail customer, you pay retail pricing and there’s no selling whatsoever. Just buy what you need wherever you need it and that's that. No obligation, no yearly fees, no strings attached.
Member (Recommended) - As a member, you receive member pricing and you only need to spend about $50/year to keep your account active. You also have the option (not required at all, but the best decision you will ever make) to “do the business.” 
As a member, you: 

  • Get 24% off with wholesale pricing

  • Never need to order monthly. Just 50PV (about $50) per year to keep your account active. 

  • Can sign up for Essential Rewards, where you earn free product just buy buying oils. 

  • Get access to the Oil Method Member Package

  • Can “do the business,” but you're not required to do so.


The best choice in all of this to become a member with the premium starter kit (PSK) and focus on loving the oils. If cost is a concern, we understand! Consider the investment you’re making in yourself and your family, and set some money aside for a few weeks. It can be done. The PSK is the only thing on YL’s website that’s 50% off. It’s a total retail value of $349 and you can get it for $160 + shipping. When you subtract the cost of the diffuser, you are paying about $80 USD for 11 oils – that’s a little over $7 per oil. You're not going to find decent essential oils for that price. Ever.

The Premium Starter Kit includes ELEVEN essential oils and a diffuser at a significant discount then if you were going to buy them individually. 


Do yourself a favor and join Essential Rewards. Even if it’s just for the first month to try it out. It’s totally free and you earn a % back of what you order in points that you can redeem for free products. . .so, you basically save more money.

In short, here’s how it works:

  • It’s free to sign up and you cancel at any time

  • You can change your ship date and order every single month.

  • With each ER order, you earn a % back in ER points that you can use for free products

  • For months 1-3 that you are enrolled, you earn 10% back

  • For months 4-24 that you are enrolled, you earn 20% back

  • For months 25+ that you are enrolled, you earn 25% back

  • You receive gifts at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of continuous ER enrollment

  • You receive discounted shipping

To stay enrolled, you only need to place a 50 PV (~$50 order) per month. If you want, you can change your order 50 times a month, right up until the day it processes. If you plan to integrate YL products into your life, they have so much more than just oils, there’s no reason NOT to sign up. Switch out your household products, your beauty products, and even your supplements with YL products and you’ll have no problem meeting the minimum monthly order. 

And remember, with Young Living, you are NEVER asked to sell anything and when you sign up as a member, you receive wholesale pricing. When you sign up, we can connect you to a suite of education groups on Facebook to get you learning how to use your oils quickly and easily.