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Fierce Grace Collective

The Fierce Grace Collective is a year-long private membership portal that provides deep and extensive resources to women. The Collective includes a resource Pharmacy, moon education and calendars, live monthly connection calls with Carrie-Anne Moss, a physical course book, and more. Fierce Grace is currently closed and will start again in January 2019. 

Fierce Grace Mini Course

Looking to try something out before you commit? Our FREE Fierce Grace Mini Course is open to all and provides a peek into the world of Fierce Grace and beyond. This mini course includes a meditation video from Carrie-Anne, a downloadable worksheet, an audio visualization, inspirational content (written and video), and more. Click on the button below to join at no cost.  


In this 5-day intensive course, Carrie-Anne Moss partners with her husband Steven Roy to teach about devoting more deeply to a meditative lifestyle and bringing awareness to daily life so that stress holds less power over your household. A primary focus in this course is breath as an essential tool and working with thoughts and habits in new ways so that you can change your life. 

WakingUp In Every Moment

In their first course together, Guru Singh and Carrie-Anne Moss offer a simple and highly effective toolbox for harnessing your personal poise, presence and power in any moment of need. Join their heartfelt conversation, reflection, and demonstration of the tools and techniques that they have come to love and live by; and learn to construct positive change in challenging times. This course is always open.

Annapurna Mother

Offered every year in May, this course is taught by Carrie-Anne Moss and Natalie Christensen.  It is a 4-week journey to connection, compassion, and self-discovery that provides stellar information and invaluable, real-life tools to implement smoother and more loving systems of communication and interaction with your children, and other family members. This course opens again in May 2019. 

Free Mother Mini Course

In this free mini course, you are able to explore the first week of Annapurna Mother to get an idea of the kind of work we do inside the longer course. Annapurna Mother is a haven of intimacy, connection, and self-discovery for mothers who desire to find useful, easy, accessible ways to circumvent triggering and how to make choices about how you interact with yourself and others. This course is always open. 

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