By the Fire—Soul Nourishment for the Holiday Season

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Dear Women,

Holiday nostalgia evokes images of quiet snowstorms and sparkling trees, bundled families and spiced, simmering drinks. Holiday reality, however, often brings overwhelm, and we can sometimes lose ourselves in over-planning, over-spending, over-indulging, and over-committing.
Christmas comes from a very sacred place. Varying mythologies all bring it back to this: the return of light, the birth of a new cycle. We remember frankincense and myrrh, ancient offerings with deep healing properties. We look to the stars for guidance. Angels draw near and we sing for them. The holidays hold great beauty, and if we clear away the brambles of stress and consumerism, we find ourselves in the quiet chapel of winter and Solstice.
Thus, I’ve developed a December course so we may gather around the fire, wrap ourselves in thick blankets, and call in the sacred stillness of this season. In this course we will illuminate what is important to us as the year comes to a close and how to consciously cultivate those things so that they are not lost in the festivities. We will meditate. I will share rituals. We will create space in a month that often feels dense and tight.
We will go deep into nourishment through creative exercises and through recipes for healing holiday elixirs and foods, and we will learn how to prioritize love in a season that has become entangled by money. There will be laughter, honesty, fire and light. We will transform and we will create tradition and release tradition.
Gather with me around this fire and let us walk into our own Holy Night.

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Carrie Anne Moss