From Breakdown to Breakthrough—You Are Always Transforming

This is where spiritual people will use every tool they have in their box, and they will get frustrated because nothing seems to work. The reason being is because they are shifting in consciousness. A new paradigm requires new tools.
— Jennifer Urezzio
You are Always Transforming
You Are Always Transforming—What Cycle Of Transformation Are You In Today?

by Jennifer Urezzio

A couple of months ago, the world as I knew it (or thought I knew it) fell apart. After falling head over heels in love (and truly believing that he was the ONE), it was over in a matter of moments.

If someone had told me, as I lay sobbing curled up on the couch, that I was getting ready to have a breakthrough, I would have told them lovingly and compassionately to go…(well you get the idea). 

There is a defiant structure of the transformational process. There are three key cycles, and I don’t hear a lot of people talking about the three different cycles of transformation.  I believe most people (including myself at one point) were unaware…It goes like this…When huge shifts come in our lives, it is usually after a breakdown of something that turns into a breakthrough that ends with redemption.

Once, I had an awareness of the Cycle of Transformation. I felt freer, because in any situation, I can understand where I am and I know the next phase. I might not know how it is always going to take shape, but it is predictable, just like spring follows winter. 

What are the different parts of the Cycle of Transformation?

The Breakdown

Besides turning to the Divine to understand the nature of things, I also turn to Merriam-Webster. The first phase is called Breakdown. This is the roller coaster of transformation. 

Merriam-Webster defines a breakdown as a failure that prevents a system from working properly. 

Wow … how easy is that to determine if one is in this part of the transformational process? If, currently, there is an area of your life (or it might be your whole life) where things are breaking down, falling away, or falling apart, guess what? You are in the Breakdown of the Cycle of Transformation.  

I personally find this part of the cycle the hardest. What I suggest to clients that it is key in this phase is to feel your feelings (and hold on tight to those practices that provide you with momentary peace). And, to keep reminding yourself that after the breakdown will come a breakthrough. It is important to remember that you can’t control any of these parts of the transformational process, but if you are in resistance in the cycle of Breakdown, it will be more drawn out then it needs to be.

This is where spiritual people will use every tool they have in their box, and they will get frustrated because nothing seems to work. The reason being is because they are shifting in consciousness. A new paradigm requires new tools. During this time is when we will sneak out healers to just fix it and make it better. What I have noticed is that the significant idea to remember here is to turn within and to the Divine. Compassion is your greatest friend during this phase. 

I find the best time to seek support is after you have exhausted yourself by feeling your feelings, screaming and raging, because then you are on the cusp of the next period called Breakthrough. During the Breakthrough time, requesting support of an individual who is going to ask you good questions, provide additional insight, and offer new tools will allow that breakthrough to happen easier and with grace.

The Breakthrough

Here’s the period when you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And, I have to admit that I loved the definition of breakthrough: a sudden increase in knowledge, understanding, etc.; an important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something; a person's first important success.

Breakthrough is the cycle of enlightenment. It is where those ahas happen, and you get to make new choices. This is where the paradigm shift starts to take shape, and new patterns are created. The important aspect to keep in mind during this cycle is that it is both about being and doing. You are asking yourself to be different and do those inspired actions that will create something new in your life. 

Also, there will be a little voice in the back of your head that goes, “You changed before and nothing happened.” You get to offer that little voice in your head love, and then show it the door. 

You might consider an accountability partner or a coach to remind you about how you decided to be and act differently. There is a sense of accomplishment and awe noticing how you don’t respond to situations in the same way. This is also the portion of transformation where you will require neutrality and trust. Neutrality and trust will allow you to show up in situations making decisions based on truth, not story, pain or old patterns. 


When I read the definition of redemption, my heart opened up and I was filled with freedom. Why? Because it was like a guarantee of success for me. Redemption is the act of making something better or more acceptable and/or the act of exchanging something for money.

So after all of the pain and suffering (which is just feeling disconnected from your higher power) and the investigating and responding differently, there is a reward at the end! YAY!

This is where transformation becomes reality. This is where the internal meets the external. And, this is the land of opportunity and abundance (not in theory but in experience). 

During this time, the internal changes will begin to appear in your life. You feel more abundant, therefore you begin to receive more clients. Focus is required, I believe, during this period and again a light heartedness. You want to know what you want, know that you will receive it, and know that whether you receive it or not, you still are safe. 

Here’s the truth about all three cycles of transformation (but really key for Redemption). Don’t take it all too seriously. 

How do you do that? Stop looking at your life as a game of survival and start being in a collaboration with the Universal good. And, keep in mind that you and your life are always transforming. 

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