Yoga, Art & Attention: Meet Elena Brower

Once or twice a month on Annapurna Living, we spotlight a creative entrepreneur who chooses to do business with integrity and soul. Today, please enjoy our conversation with author & Yogi, Elena Brower.
Photos by Hayley Wist

Photos by Hayley Wist

Hello! Please introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do? How does your heart manifest in the world?

Elena Brower, Mama first, student second, teacher and entrepreneur third. I empower myself and other women to live abundantly, connect to ourselves and each other, and share our wisdom freely.

My work is important because____.

My work is important because I'm offering women ways to think big, dream high and learn all the time.

As an entrepreneur, who in business do you admire, and why?

Sheryl Sandberg. Answered an email I sent her within a few hours and was right there. Powerful, heartfelt, articulate, real.

What does soulful business mean to you? What motivates you?

Soulful business means I'm devoted to helping as I earn.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received?

Wake up early and take care of yourself so your business can thrive.

What is the best business advice you would give?

Same as above!

How do you stay connected to loved ones when deeply entrenched in work?

Delineate time well. Work time and family time are separated now, and everyone wins.

What is your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur? How do you work with or around it?

Time. I'm becoming a master of it. Delegating and saying no to more so I can say yes when it's right.

Elena Brower

When you feel burned out or uninspired, what lights your fire again? Please share a personal mantra, motto, or ritual for when you feel drained. How do you stay nourished and inspired as a soulful creative?

Sleeping. Yoga Nidra. Meditation every morning, and listening to mantra all day...

How do you start your work day?

Meditation with the sunrise.

If you could do something else as a vocation, what would it be?

Paint, sing, act.

When did you first realize you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Last week :)

Do you have a first memory from childhood that connects you to what you have created today?

Strangely, no.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

A veterinarian.

What did you know you did NOT want to be?

A business person! At least not the idea of it that I was having at that time...

Who supports you?

My man. My parents. My kid. My son's Daddy and stepmama. My best friends near and far. My web collaborator Michelle with whom I create it all, my manager Lynn with whom I've worked for over a decade who helps me on bigger projects. My assistants who help me organize smaller projects. I'm a lucky girl.

What is your business philosophy?

Do what makes you happy. Every. Day.

What are your favorite entrepreneurial resources? Business mentors? Please share books, websites, and more.

Mine are all spiritually-based. Frequency by Penney Peirce is a current staple.

What was the biggest “lesson” you've learned through your experience in business?

Remain the student. Keep asking and learning. Never assume you know.

Tell us a story or describe a time when something occurred in your business that made your heart leap and you KNEW you were doing the right thing.

Emails every day from women on my dōTERRA team to thank me for encouraging them... Teachers from who say it's making a difference.

If you could do or make something every day that you give away, what would it be?

Money and vacations to the school teachers across the world. Medical care for mothers and children everywhere. Clean water to every human.

About Elena

Mama, teacher, speaker, coach, and author, Elena has taught yoga and meditation since 1999. Influenced by several traditions including Katonah Yoga, ParaYoga and Kundalini Yoga, Elena offers practice as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Her first book, Art of Attention, has been ranked number one for design on Amazon, and has been translated into five languages. Her Audio Meditation Coursework is globally renowned as a way to boost or begin practice; she's founded, a virtual home for teachers, and she's an Executive Producer for On Meditation, a series of intimate portraits of meditators.