Wood Board Love by Jules Blaine Davis

Nourishment begins with beauty. I am inspired, lured, supported and so hungry inside of a wide wood bowl, an oil-stained apron, pears on a cake plate and a wood ladle I could nap in for days.
— Jules Blaine Davis

Why do we all think it's so hard to nourish our families & ourselves?

I believe we have a deep hunger that we carry around in our day to day lives. It is an undercurrent, a stirring of our most basic needs not being met inside of the daily routine of making breakfast, lunch, work, soccer practice, homework, meetings, meetings and some more meetings. we are in constant survival. we are checking our emails, Instagram (which i love), the take-out menu, the time, the fridge, the noisy pantry ... we are checking in to check out.

We know this. We all feel it. How do we slow it down? How do we turn the volume down on this chaos? How do we define nourishment let alone understand what it feels like in our bodies? To stop and nourish ourselves is definitely not trending (yet!) and we have so many books teaching us to stop, to breathe, to meditate, to cook and yet we are still going, going, going inside of all the consuming. We buy the cookbooks, we reach for the tiniest key chain spatula near the cash register, we do the hot yoga and we buy the buddha all to try and satisfy this deeper hunger. We are also terribly confused on what to eat, let alone how to eat, or to even eat at all! from the blood type diet, gluten free, paleo, raw, vegan, air and on and on. Wow do we build the bridge, the scaffolding to support creating nourishment inside this storm of confusion with no time and/or no money?

To nourish ourselves and our families is intimate & courageous work. It’s the work of the heart, the hands, the know-how and our values coming together in one warm love fest.

In the kitchen healing work, I call it a "below-the-neck-chat". Feeding this hunger begins with our story, our food story, what it looked like when we were kids and what it looks like now. There are so many layers inside our stories: what we want to let go of and what we are holding on to for dear life. This is where nourishment was defined for us or never even thought of. When we feel into what freedom felt like in the kitchen, or what turning on the fire or connection to food looked like in your childhood kitchen—that is what begins this conversation with yourself, your partner, your family.  This is where we can start to think about our values around food and what it means to feed ourselves.

One way to begin this love-fest is with a wood board. We call it wood board love. You can grab a bread knife or any sharp knife you love in your hand & cut up some fruit, some cheese, some old veggies, some defrosted edamame (yes, i wrote that), old pizza, whatever you've got; and create a conversation of food for you and your family. The key to this is: do not ask if anyone is hungry. The answer is always YES. Everyone wants to be FED, to eat together, to talk about the day with yummy food like it’s a party. And yes, they want us to sit down and they want to see us eat.

Here are a few examples of some recent wood board loves ...

Nourishment begins with beauty. I am inspired and supported inside a wide wood bowl and an oil stained apron, carrying pears on a cake plate. Everything in the kitchen tells a story. I believe we are hungry for that story more than ever today. Our stories reflect who we are, how we feel and what values we hold. They also inspires the menu. Our stories sate our hunger before we ever know we are hungry. They makes us want to turn on the fire and throw something on it. Beauty inspires us to feed ourselves and our families.

Start your wood board love today! Share on Instagram & hashtag #woodboardlove and tag me, @julesbdavis, so i can see what you created.

*All photos by Jules Blaine Davis. This piece was originally published in November, 2014. 

 photo Jules Blaine Davis

About Jules

Jules Blaine Davis is the kitchen healer and a true renaissance woman. She is a mom of two, a wife, a writer, a painter, a performer, a hip-hop dancer and a kitchen healer. Find her on Instagram as @julesbdavis, visit her shop, and follow online at JulesBlaineDavis.com.