Why I don't check my phone first thing in the morning anymore

I am concerned about what I see around me—
the deep addiction to technology.
I have moments when I look around me and I think,
this use of smartphones is comparable to smoking in the 50's.
Everyone huddled around their phones numbing out,
distracting themselves.

I am concerned about my own addiction to technology.
I am concerned about a generation of young children and even babies being raised by distracted parents.
Oh yes, I know the freedom we receive with our phones.
I know they allow us to often work at home.
There are benefits, of course.
But the connection we are all craving through our phones is often sitting right next to us.

I spoke with a new mother the other day,
A yoga teacher.
She told me that right after she had her baby, a lactation consultant suggested a nursing position that allowed one hand to be free to use her phone.
She told me that that comment planted a seed of normalcy to scrolling Instagram while nursing her baby.
She quickly realized, “no, that’s not what I want.”

Our babies need us to gaze at their faces.
We need to gaze at our babies.
We need to see each other.

We need each other.

I have taken another stand for myself and this insidious, sneaky addiction

No more phone for me first thing in the morning.
I will go straight to my yoga mat and tune into myself and the deeper presence that is easily available to me when I take the time to sit and listen.
I will not respond to everything immediately.
Instead I will take actual pen-and-paper notes of things that need my attention—emails, texts, etc., and I will sit down and do them efficiently rather than all day long.

When I want to numb out with technology, I ask myself to
H A L T.

Am I

If the answer is yes, then I will tend to that.

We are such infinitely creative beings.
We deserve rich and fulfilling lives.
Ask yourself—am I living my life in a way that feels good to me?
Do I feel aligned with purpose?
Do I feel intimacy in my life?
Do I show up for others?
Do I surround myself with others who show up for me?

Use technology as a tool instead of being a tool for technology.
Don't walk blindly into a lifestyle that is empty.
Step into all that you crave.
Being awake will show you the way.
Being awake doesn't mean you’re happy all the time or blissed out.
Being awake is being aware...