When I first became a mother

When I first became a Mother, I remember reading books on parenting...sleep schedules, what to do, what not to do.
Very few of the books inspired me. Most of them brought out feelings of needing control—How to make my child sleep. How to make my child BE a certain way.
I tossed the books. And broke though to my guiding MOTHER principle::

Who am I going to BE?

Who I am being is the single most important thing I can do as a mother.
Who I am being affects every aspect of my life.

Now that my children are no longer babies,
this principle is even more important.
As I navigate these teen years with my children, I sometimes find myself wanting control, wishing there was a book to tell me exactly how to do this right.
The teen years bring some panic on my part, I’ll admit.

As we bring this round of MOTHER, I am reminded of myself as that brand new mama with a baby.
I feel at times like I have zero clue how to do this.
Then I settle down and I root into myself and I am reminded—

Who am I being?

MOTHER is about connection and we start where we must: Connection to ourselves.

See, when I’m connected to myself I can see the big picture. I can care for the parts of myself that are being triggered by my children.
I can heal those parts of myself.
This is the work. I can support my children free of my projection on them of my own stuff.

MOTHER is not a parenting course.
It’s for mothers (and women) who want to feel good.
Who want to expand,
Who want to grow,
Who want to feel connected to all the parts of their life.

Being a mother humbles me every single day.
Being a mother is a gift beyond measure.
With the tools I have been given by Natalie, I move with more openness, compassion, and grace.
These tools
Transform a situation in the moment and I am passionate to share them with you.

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MOTHER starts in May.


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