Welcoming a New Year with an Open Heart

2018 was humbling for me in many ways.
It was hard.
I had many sleepless nights and felt anxiety for the first time in my life.
Yes, hormones played a part and the conditions of the world we live in added to my internal stress.

I feel gratitude today for the hard parts.
I am on the other side of it today.
I had to dig deep.
I leaned on my personal spiritual practice.
I leaned on friends and family and trusted teachers.
I was reminded that this, too, shall pass.
I have lived my life with a sunny disposition.
I see the best in things.
I see the lessons in the hard bits.

2018 allowed me the time and space to grieve to be angry and to feel my feelings.
2018 demanded that I make the time and space to grieve to be angry and to feel my feelings.
2018 took me to my knees, and with my heart wide I open I bow to this past year with gratitude.

2018, thank you for teaching me...

  • That as soon a I think I've got it all figured out I will be asked to go deeper.

  • Whenever I think it is someone else's problem I will be facing some version of their problem myself. {Recognize the other person is you }

  • Whenever I judge others or think I know better I will be humbled. {Understand through compassion or your will misunderstand the times}

  • When it seems too hard or too complicated or brings up feelings of overwhelm just take action and then the next action and then the next. {There is a way through every block}

  • When it all feels like too much, start with the space I am living in: Clean the kitchen, organize the office. Turn the music on and dance in the kitchen. Raising my vibration is the priority and can often be ignited by simple tasks done with presence. Who knew making a space beautiful could actually change the way I see things? {Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path}

I was brought to a deeper appreciation for my simple and sincere mediation and yoga practice.
My Sadhana Is the foundation I build my life on.
When I don't know what to do, I just start.
I close my eyes, tune in and do my practice.
My mind off-gasses all the worry and the activity and if I am very lucky, I experience a few minutes (or perhaps even just a few seconds) of stillness.
Catching a glimpse of this stillness soothes me.
That soothing is pure GOLD.

2018 showed me how incredibly strong I am.
It showed me how much I crave and need community.
It showed me that the dance of life is only as complicated as I make it.
It showed me how kind and beautiful my dear friends are.
It made room for the life I have always wanted.

I am excited for 2019.

A new year has the most potent energy, and I have always loved this feeling of starting again.
This year, however, I can see so clearly that the struggles of this past year give even more potency to this new year.
I choose to welcome this New Year with hope and excitement, and I gently kiss 2018 and thank it for all it showed me.
I am made for these times, and so are you.
We can handle hard things, and we can choose to love ourselves and our lives while we go through whatever we are facing.
We can chose to nourish ourselves amidst the doing.

2019, I welcome you with my open heart.