True to my heart

I had an amazing phone session the other day with Natalie yesterday and I am sharing a few pieces of gold from it with the intention that it may inspire even one person toward connection. 

  1. Feeling before action. When triggered give yourself all the necessary time to feel all the way through them. No blame, no story.

  2. Take action (emails, new rules, plans of any kind) only when feeling in the “green zone” (hopeful, happy, calm, etc.)

  3. When kids buck against the device rules, give them empathy. Don't guilt them for not wanting to move away from the device. Continue to empathize through their reactions (boredom, anger, resentment)

  4. When in your upper brain, choose to trust. Invest in your relationships and trust that everything will work out even when/if there are stumbles.

Natalie and I are the co-creators of MOTHER, which launches for its 3rd annual run on May 1. It's an incredible experience and I'm so honored to hold the space with Natalie as we delve into the magic potion of connection—something that Natalie has taught me so much about.

Basically, I got tired of seeing people speak about parenting from a perspective of “how to get your kids to be this way or that way.” The language and approach didn’t align with what I believed in and I was longing for something else. When I met Natalie, I was so deeply relieved to receive her teachings, her knowledge, her support, and her incredible empathy and compassion skills. As I moved through my coaching sessions with her I kept feeling how much I wanted to share this with every woman and every mother I knew. That’s how MOTHER was born. This experience was too good for me not to share.

Life is hard being a woman and a mother. Having a big, full and beautiful life is not always easy, but with the tools in MOTHER and from Natalie, I believe the shift to connection is the balm for so much of it, from getting out the door on time to dealing with tantrums and teenage drama. Connection can heal a marriage, soothe a tiny soul, create room for a new way with your mother, your father and your best friend. In fact, this course isn’t just for mothers—many other women have found the teachings to be useful for other relationships as well. This course is true to my heart and I offer it with the grandest wish for you to learn these tools so that you can feel more love and peace in your live with the people who are closest to you.

If you'd like to join us, please do. Click here to learn more or to register.

With love,

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