Travel Tips

I recently flew to London, and—wanting to be prepared—I thought ahead and brought a nourishing treat with me that  felt incredible on that long flight. Before I left, I made a turmeric paste (inspired by Kelly Brogan). The day I flew, I put a heaping tablespoon of the turmeric paste in my mason jar mixed with a bit of honey—I closed it up and got it through security easily on the first leg (it was just an empty jar with some paste in it). When I got on the plane, I asked the flight attendant to add some hot water and—voila—it was divine. I only wish I'd brought enough for everyone. On my return flight, my beloved jar got denied at security, so now I’d recommend to bring an empty jar and put the paste in a small baggie or something similar.

When traveling, it can be a game-changer to bring these comforting, nourishing, pieces of home with us. These tools that remind us of who we are, no matter where we are. Often times we need to bring things with us that fight illness; or make hotel rooms smell more homey; or snacks that make us feel good when we are surrounded by less-than-desirable food.

Every time I travel for work, I bring with me a bundle of travel essentials that make my journey so much easier, and they help me to find delight in the mundane. Here are my own personal travel tips, in case they bring any revolution to your own experience when you are in transit:

  • First, bring your mason jar with turmeric and honey. Aside from the drink being wonderful, you then have your mason jar to drink out of and can avoid plastic cups on the plane and anywhere else you may end up. 
  • I never eat airplane food! The quality is low and I really don’t trust it to ever be healthy or good. If I’m in a rush, I’ll grab a banana and a bag of nuts at the airport. If I can, I like to bring an avocado or grapefruit as well, as they feel nourishing to me. I like to keep it simple, as eating while I’m sitting for hours doesn’t make sense for me. If you need more food though, remember that the more prep time you have, the better your snacks will be. If you can plan a day ahead, make food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can be kept in your bag. Be wary of airport snacks that claim to be healthy but have hidden chemicals and sugars. 
  • Always drink plenty of water on the plane and use the walks to the bathroom as a welcome excuse to move your body. 
  • When I’m on planes a lot, I’m so grateful for products that are made holistically and with high vibes. I like to wear a scarf on the plane with a few drops of essential oil for protection and uplifting. My absolute favorite oil is the peppermint essential oil from Living Libations. My sinuses don’t enjoy flying so I put some of the oil near my nose, making sure to avoid my actual nostrils. I use it for everything from headaches to stress to cooking burns. (On nearly every set I’ve been on, the cast and crew always know I’ve arrived when they smell peppermint on the breeze. And I can hardly ever hold on to my little bottles of it as I love to share and tend to give them away quite often.)
  • I treat flying as a workspace to read—to research—to sleep. So of course books are important, and if you can bring a large scarf/wrap to keep you extra cozy, I recommend it.
  • I always wear comfy clothes that are elegant, yet double as sleepwear. 
  • I apply oil to my face for both hydration and protection prior to a flight. My favorites are this seabuckthorn one, or rose. I always bring all my own body care so I don’t have to use chemical-filled options on the fly. (Also from LL I bring my Ozone Tooth Gel and my Palo Santo Poetic Pits).
  • I always bring my pillow. This has been a total game-changer for me. I read once that bringing your own pillow helps with jet lag, even. I love my pillow and it’s very comforting for me. I always bring a beautiful, colorful pillowcase on it so that it doesn’t get confused with any of the white pillows at the hotel. It makes me so happy to come back into my hotel room and to see one of my pillowcases from home on the bed. 
  • When I arrive at my destination, I get some fresh, organic green juice and some Epsom salt for the bathtub. I bathe daily with this to help with stress, jet lag, and releasing toxins from travel. It helps me recover and adjust. If I’m feeling extra decadent, I’ll add a handful of coconut oil to the bath as well.
  • Finally, my latest discovery is this Tonic from my friend Nadine at Living Libations. It relieves tension headaches, energizes and cools—invaluable when I travel. She has other tonics as well if other blends call to you more. 

All of these things help to ease the rough parts of travel. When I have my pillow, my supplies, my food, I feel so much better about everything.


Please note that I am an affiliate for Living Libations as well as for Kelly Brogan—two women whose work I admire so much.