Things I Know

In the middle of my life I am constantly making the commitment to tune in and connect to my soul. All around me, in so many humans, I see a deep grief in the realization that nobody is going to the save the day. No government or superhero is going to sweep in and figure out how to get out of the mess we are in.

With all of these feelings lately and as I live my life each day, I’ve come to realize that these are the things I know:

  1. My body will tell me everything I need to know. It is important for me to listen to her.

  2. Living and parenting within social structures that only care for the individual are not only damaging to all, but they are also no fun. We must all be vigilant to continually step outside the culture of individualism. I recently heard someone say that in America, the concept of “it takes a village” is only a bumper sticker.
  3. There is time for being tired and weary.
  4. There is a time to rise
  5. When we are weary and tired, it helps so much to have a partner or friend who will rise and hold it up. We can’t always hold it up on our own. Sometimes we hold it up for other people. We all do this for each other. This is part of love in action.
  6. We all need mentors.
  7. When focused on the whole, community takes care of all.
  8. Inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda "Seek out good company, company that reminds you of god and the noble things of life." Who and what we surround ourselves with becomes the fabric of our daily lives.
  9. The mind will not figure out what you need. Connect to the heart to find what you truly need and then put it into action.  
  10. Start again and again. Be flexible with yourself and your surroundings, and especially be flexible with others. Every day is an opportunity for something new, for things to be different, and for you to be the person you admire.  

My hope is that all the bits and pieces of my life will be in the flow with the pieces of my heart. I choose integrity in action, in word, and in thought. The lessons in life are everywhere and sometimes that lesson is to let it go and keep on moving forward. Don't forget why you are here, and if you aren’t sure—listen to the quiet and fierce voice within your soul.


carrie-anne moss with tea

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