There is a revolution happening

When I had my first child, almost 13 years ago, I was humbled by the task of mothering. Never had I loved anything so much, and yet at the same time I often felt lost and alone. I gave birth to 2 more children and as my children grew I realized that there was very little support in parenting that didn't comprise of tricks on  how to get your child to do this, or  not  to do that. This did not intuitively feel right to me, and then I found support in a mother named Natalie Christensen. Natalie lives in Montana and is the founder of a parenting site called the Center for Emotional Education designed to support families through early childhood and beyond. She is my personal parenting coach and her ideas and support have inspired and uplifted my family so much.

Last year Natalie and I partnered to create an online experiential course for mothers. Many of you may remember it. It was a beautiful blossoming of love and community. This year, we are bringing the course back, in a new and improved format with more clarity and connection. We offer fresh weekly content, a weekly live call where women can watch and ask questions, comprehensive support, simple meditations, and creative prompts that are geared to assist women in finding connection - to themselves , to their children, to every bit of their lives.

There is a revolution happening. Women are realizing that the quality of their lives depends on how connected they are to themselves and to all that they love. The world is complicated, moving really fast, and so many of us are feeling disconnected, depleted and overwhelmed. We end up screaming at our kids, going to bed frustrated and disappointed, and waking up feeling trashed, left only to hope that somehow it will get better. This course is for that woman. 

I share this with women because I need it. I believe it has the ability to transform lives and families and to make the world a better place. The response we have gotten from the women who have taken the course is completely life-changing positive and this response drives me to bring it to more women, to ALL women who need a boost. 



image: Michelle Gardella

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