This Magical New Moon

Cultivate your own softness.

May 17th brings the new moon.

We are getting close now. This new moon is an ode to summer and a goodbye to spring. This moment is a glowing star in a summer night, or the hint of purple in the sky before dawn breaks. It is an opportunity to give thanks for what has been and to welcome with open arms all that lies before us.

This particular new moon strikes me as extra powerful, because it is at the dawn of summer—it is perched above the depths and the ripeness and the fullness and looking at it all with reverence.

This new moon brings in tremendous gratitude and faith. May, in its fullness, has gotten a lot done. Color blankets the hillsides, and birds sing earlier and louder each day. All sorts of babies are being born in multiple ecosystems and micro ecosystems. May is loud and boisterous and leaves a delicious mark.

During the full moon this month, we gathered the forces of May and held them to our heart, let them course through our veins so that we, too, can bloom and prosper. Now with the new moon, we continue this path, but on the other side. As the nights warm up, everything softens. With this new moon, we can essentially kick back and relax. This one does the work for us—there is not so much work of letting go and sloughing away, but rather a relaxing into ourselves and letting it happen. This is a beautiful opportunity for us. Cultivate your own softness, and the excess will magnetize to the new moon and it will release on its own.

May truly is the sweetest month. To take advantage of this opportunity, make sure to relax. Breathe deeply and drink tea. If you have a porch, sit on it at dusk with loved ones and a tonic of choice. Gaze at the sunset or at the night sky and listen to the sounds of your environment around you. Take it all in, let it be as it is. Everything is essentially perfect.


To absorb the magic of this new moon, there is little that we need to do, only to be receptive to all that’s around us. The momentum is so swift right now, that our simple existence is enough to go along for the ride.

However, to optimize the magic and opportunity, we can make sure our receptors are clear and willing. Today, wash your sheets. If you live somewhere that you can dry them outside, please do so. If not, toss them in the dryer them and tumble them to a warm, perfect crisp. While you’re at it, wash your towels, too. All your linens should be cleaned today (all the linens that will touch your skin). Make sure your room is clean, or at least picked up. Take a moment before or after dinner to make your bed with the clean sheets—pillowcases, too!

If you have children, figure out a way to make some time for yourself after they go to bed. At the end of the day, strip away your dirty clothes and shower or bathe, luxuriating in the blessing that is Hot Running Water. Do not do a single thing after this. No more phone, no more laptop, no more chores. Once you’ve dried off with your clean towels, climb into your clean-sheeted bed and experience the holiness of it all—your skin, the linens, the cleanliness, the renewal. If you want to put on pajamas, make sure they’ve been cleaned with your linens during the day. This is a holy night. You are baptizing yourself in this most humble way.

The Moons of Spring series is created by Carrie-Anne Moss. Written by Sadie Rose Casey.