The humble work of parenting

Parenting is humbling work. As soon as you feel like you've got it figured it out, it changes and humbles you a wee bit more. What I know today is that being pulled to my comfy bed to read Harry Potter is the most epic night I can think of—the feel of my littlest in the crook of my left arm, and  the smell of the peppermint oil she douses her hair with (because of the rumor that lice is going around and she hears that they do not like peppermint oil … it's worked so far, thanks Living Libations).

There is so much monotony in parenting, and so many pieces of pure gold layered and sprinkled and tossed in between. There are moments now when I look deep inside of myself and ask, what do I need to change? Rather than asking what does my child need to change? This is growth for me, and it’s the growth that I'm into, the kind that feels good. It's my fire that I light in the morning and the evening that sustains me and reminds me that nourishment is right here in the moments of everyday. That warmth starts inside, and if my kids remember me as someone who warmed them up when times were tough, well then I figure I have succeeded.

Carrie-Anne Parenting

That being said, I bow to all of you who are caring for others and doing the work of supporting and nurturing. The world needs us. I am so grateful to not be living in fantasy of how things should be and I’m grateful to be okay with feeling stuff. I know that there's a time for everything, and sometimes we need to take a day to just be in what we are feeling. This gives perspective, clarity, and sweet lessons. Here are a few of mine:

  1. I need nature.
  2. I love these 4 humans in my home deeper than anything.
  3. Staying in bed really is pretty sweet.
  4. Asking for guidance is imperative, and if I'm open, answers come swiftly.
  5. Making valentines with littles is super labor-intensive but so worth it.
  6. Connection to self, to family, to life, and to humanity is everything to me.
  7. Feelings are an indication that something needs my attention (thanks Natalie).
  8. A cup of tea from my hubby still makes me feel like a queen.
  9. Diffusing oils and rubbing them all over my achey full moon headache makes me happy.
  10. No one has it all figured out, but if I keep my heart open and my head up I always find my way.

What are yours?


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