The Ambrosial Hours

I received a gift last month. One that I had heard about before. I had listened to others talk about it, and I hadn’t realized what a truly magnificent gift it was until I finally received it: It’s an early morning Sadhana practice.

I’ve been waking up early in the morning, not because my alarm is going off, but because i literally feel like I’m being called from my bed to my sheepskin rug in the wee hours of the morning. The Ambrosial Hours, they call them. In Kundalini yoga, many teachers talk about meditating and doing yoga at that early morning hour, when the electromagnetic energy of the earth is at its optimum level for these practices.

As a mother of three, I can assure you that until recently, the thought of getting out of my cozy, beautiful bed has been: no way! I sleep with my youngest in my arm, and leaving the bed early has usually led to her getting quite upset, but also—truth be told—I have been so cozy in bed that I haven’t wanted to get up and leave the sleepy world of my warm sheets and pillow and my little one’s arms wrapped around me. But lately there has been a calling in my soul to do just that. To get up early and to receive and connect.

And so I’ve been getting up at 4:30-5 am, completely naturally, without any kind of alarm. I quietly steal into my kitchen and lay the sheepskin on the floor and then, in the dark,  I do my Sadhana. And, wow. I understand now. I understand why it is such a gift. In Kundalini yoga, they talk about all of the practices and breakthroughs being something you have to experience. You can’t be told about it or learn it through reading. It’s in experiencing it that you really receive and see for yourself. Well now I’m seeing the benefits of this early morning practice.

There is the obvious gift that once I get it done early, it’s not on my to-do list as the day progresses. But the biggest thing I feel from this is a connection to my soul and to my practice in the quiet, still hours of the morning. There are so many gifts there for me. It’s so rich for me. My Sadhana is 30 minutes, I’ve had shorter ones and I’ve had longer ones, but this 30 minute one feels just perfect for me right now.

Once I’m done with my Sadhana, I continue with my day: making lunches for my children, making them breakfast, waking them up, having my tea. My mother always talked about getting up early before we got up and having her coffee in the quiet of the home. That was her meditation. I understand now, and I am savoring it with every bit of me.


I’m spending a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to create next year for Annapurna Living. I want the content for the site to continue inspiring us and I want to keep showcasing and featuring women who are doing really amazing work out in the world. I want to give them a place to shine and be seen. I also want to create something for the women that resonate with what I’m doing, and who have been along through all or some the courses that I have offered—the early courses and the Fierce Grace Collective that I did this year.

Next year I’m planning on going deeper, but with a simple and sincere kind of intention. If you’re interested in that, keep an eye open for our announcements. I’m working on it and dreaming it up now. (And remember, our Mother course launches again in the Spring.)

Above all, I encourage all of you to find what works best for you and to have a relationship with that, with what’s coming through, with what you’re craving, with what you’re aching for. Notice what you’re thinking about, and then understand that the mind is not our guide. Whenever we get into the mind and the mind is running the show, we are not in our truth. The truth does not live in the mind, so anything you can do to drop down into the heart center and drop down into you and away from the swirling, twirling mind...I really encourage you to do that. For me it’s meditation and Kundalini yoga. Find your way, but know that when your heart is opening, and you’re in that heart space, life becomes real clear. When we are in the mind, there’s no clarity, just manic exhaustion, worry and strategizing in a stratosphere that keeps going and going with no center.

It’s all about the heart center.

Sending love,