Summer's Secret Super Power: Let It All Go

by Sadie Rose Casey

Summer is full-on.

It is big and bright and warm and deep. Summer is marked with sunflowers and roses, and the markets are brimming with fruit... everything is colorful and ripe and blossoming. Summer is beautiful. 

It occurred to me today that summer is also about letting go. 


Letting it be. 

The other seasons guide us in different ways: there’s the intense inner work of winter, the harvest and preparation of autumn, the new growth of spring. But summer says:

it is what it is, so you might as well accept it. 

The plants that are destined to thrive this year have already rooted, and the ones that haven’t will simply wait until next year. The days are long, the kids are wild, and the trees are full. There is no other season where we frequently plunge our full selves into bodies of water over and over again: the pools, the rivers, the lakes, the oceans—endless rebirth.  

What are you fighting against? 

This is the season to stop. Put it down. You can always pick it back up in another season. But maybe you won’t need to. 

That’s what summer says: trust me. 

Summer will hold it. Trust the outcome. Release the grip. 

Some of the peaches will be perfect. Some of them will rot. Some beach days will be filled with friends and popsicles and warm, shady naps. Others will be filled with crying children, sand in the wrong places, sunburns, heavy coolers with no one to help. It will all happen and it will all be okay. 

Summer asks: What are you worrying so much about? Why are you thinking so hard? 

Wait until Autumn to dig up the concerns and feelings. Wait until winter to process the transition. Wait until spring to bloom into the next layer of yourself. 

But now? Forget about it. 

Do not better yourself, do not process the thing or integrate the thing. 

Let it all go. Powerfully, the way you let go when you are at the river or in the mountains or laying in total stillness in the sand. 

The teenagers will be wonderful and terrible, as will the toddlers. They will all be grumpy and they will also be sweet and all of them will watch too many things on TV or on their phones. But it’s okay. 

Stop feeling like you can change What Is or alter the flow of water. 

Don’t try, all it does is drain you and make you forget the magic of summer which is an exquisite time of full acceptance, total stillness, effortless unfolding. 

Step back and watch it, and see what happens. It might even turn out better than you thought. 

Breathe into your heart, release your death-grip on the control-handle and let the path reveal itself.

Other people can steer the ship, too, if you let them. Other forces are at work. Just make sure you eat all the good fruit, because—like everything else—it won’t last long. 

Soon the darkness will creep in and the days will be shorter, and the wild abandon of summer will fade. The frequency will settle and we will (gladly) welcome a new season.

But until then, get big and free with it. Summer is the zenith, the high point. The top of the mountain where it is hard to breathe, but—oh the view. 

Take it all in. 

Summer’s still saying:

It’s all going to be okay. 

Trust me. 


Sadie Rose Casey is the course manager and key vision keeper at Annapurna Living. You can find her on Instagram or on her website.