The stories we don't know we carry

Often times our lives unfold from stories we unknowingly carry.
How many grown women  do I know who continue to live out life from a place of low self worth?
Strong amazing women (and men) are thwarted by a belief that came from someone else- yet lives inside of them.
The belief probably even came from someone who most likely means nothing to them today and whose opinion would mean nothing if it happened now, but the imprint remains.
This story living deep within our subconsciousness is a driver in our lives.

The great thing about life is that there is plenty of opportunity to heal the old stuff.
When something triggers us, once we can recognize that this feeling is familiar.
We can trace it back to its origin.
The origin story has many layers.

I remember deciding to create this blog and share myself online.
On the day I was to hit publish and put myself out in this way, I panicked.
Who was I to think I had anything new to add to the voices online?
What would people think?
Would they judge me?

As I processed the feelings, I had the great gift of a creative mentor Hillary Rain, and so I reached out to her.
I walked around the house on the phone telling her how afraid I was.
She calmly said, look at your kitchen table, and in your imagination, seat the folks you think might judge you. Make it personal, she suggested. See them.
I took a deep breath and went from random, irrational fear of judgement to specific fear of judgement, I thought of a few people who might not like what I was doing.

Do you respect their opinion? she asked gently.

I took a deep breath.
No, I said.
No, I truly don’t care what they think of me.
I laughed.
A weight lifted.
The fear was old.
In that moment, old fear was trying to stop me.

I work diligently to unpack this in my own life, and  
I love supporting others to do the same.

Don’t let old stories continue to run the show.
Be curious and compassionate.
Create new stories and drop the ones that don’t serve you.
You may need a trusted friend or even a counselor.
Journaling can help as well.

Be fiercely protective of yourself and your life
Make it a priority to heal you.


Sadie Casey