Stepping into Fierce Grace

I've spent that last last two years exploring softness.
Me, the strong one with my heart on my sleeve

I remember visiting my spiritual teacher-friend-incredible-human Guru Singh.
I had failed (I felt) at keeping my cool in a certain situation.
I was feeling harsh towards myself.
I wanted to be more graceful,
More calm, I told him,
More like the other women who I perceived as grounded and graceful.
Guru Singh looked me in the eye with wise intensity and said,
"We need you to be just as you are.
That standing up and having a voice and cutting through the crap is your superpower."

It has taken me years to accept that.
It has taken me years to appreciate that.
Its taken me years to see that PART of me as solid and worthy and valuable.

Yes I still explore softness.
I value the relaxing and the out-breath, the not reacting,
the sleeping on it.
I know value lies here.
I know without softness I will burn out and stress out and be of no use to anyone,
especially myself.

But let me be strong here and
And say,
Let's stop apologizing for who we are.
Let's stop playing small.
Stop complaining.
Being polite,
and step into our
Fierce Grace.

That part of ourselves that values our journey,
That knows that perfectionism and pretending are bullshit.
We know that to do the important work we are each here to do,
we must start with letting go of self doubt.
The self doubt that lingers in comparison and shame.
Let's understand that we need to keep up.
We need our vitality.
We need to step into our power day after day after day.

So we fine tune::

We sweat-exercise
We explore-write-self-enquire
We create-draw-paint-cook-dance-hands-in-earth-love
We connect  
We simplify
We ground
We expand
We dance
We cry
We feel our feelings
We release
We stand tall
We lie down
We make our lives aligned with what we hold dear
We bring that into every bit of everything we are and everything we do.
We make a difference in this world

We wear a lot of hats,
We do a lot of things.
Women need support and tools so that their minds and bodies are strong.
Staying out of drama and stepping into dharma.

Mind clear
Body vital
Heart open
Spirit full up

Year of Fierce Grace
Meet me there

I want it all, too
Let's do it together

Fierce Grace Collective by Carrie-Anne Moss

Our map:

::Meditation Kriya for the Year of Fierce Grace::

{{ Commitment }}

This Kriya will guide us through the year of 2018. Though we will have a different meditation each month, the Kriya will be our anchor through the year. It will have workout elements to it so that we bring the body into it.

I will lead live (virtual) meditations once a month. And I will have live video calls each month to connect with you and answer your questions.

Each week there will be information for you to feed your mind, and wisdom to feed your heart.

We are also building a Fierce Grace Pharmacy:: an apothecary filled with all the meditations we have done. And resources. Food for thought, for growth, and for revelation.

By joining me you will also be joining women all over the world. We will build: