Simplicity Beckons

Summer is here.

For me this means less traveling back and forth from work; I have been flying home to be with my family weekly and I am so grateful for how that has worked out, but now I’m looking forward to settling into my location for a while (alongside my youngest) and not flying so much. My husband and boys will meet up with us and we will have a family experience that will include nature, family, theatre and whatever else we feel inspired to do.

I remember when my boys were little and we had no responsibility to a school schedule or a baseball team. We spent 6 weeks one year in a small RV traveling cross-country. I lavished in the delight of feeling like a flight attendant making food for my boys while the RV travelled through state after state. It is one of my favorite memories to date. I could keep that small space clean and tidy … no distractions of a modern life for those 6 weeks. The innocence of my sons and the media-free lifestyle we had for those years makes me nostalgic. Simplicity seems to beckon so sweetly, doesn’t it?

Carrie-Anne Moss
Annapurna Living Home

I have declared to the women of my Inner Circle that I am taking a social media break for the months of July and August. I’m declaring it just in case it inspires someone who feels inspired knowing someone else is doing it too. I ache for simpler times, so Instagram is going to take a back seat for a bit, and reading books is taking over. (I love IG by the way, but for me the rabbit hole is time consuming and I look forward to being fully present instead of plugged in).

I will continue sharing my thoughts and insights with my Inner Circle women and Sadie will be posting to our Annapurna Living account on Instagram, so you can connect with me in either of those places.

I am offering theInner Circle through the end of this year and then that membership opportunity will be over, and I am moving on to other new things, and new ways to offer my gifts at Annapurna Living. This will be the last of monthly offerings on my part. If you would like to experience the Inner Circle, please join me for one of the last months. 2018 will bring a few key offerings—but only a few. And I'm excited about that. (Click on the video below to watch my declaration).

I am heading to the river with Michelle Gardella in July for a dream come true, getting to pose in one of her River Sessions to be captured in pure and timeless beauty. I will be celebrating my 50th birthday alongside the full solar eclipse on August this is a big summer for me.

As i share my life alongside you, I want to say thank you for reading what I write and taking the courses that I offer. It inspires me greatly, this community, this place.

Thank you.