Renegade Beauty

I want to share my dear friend Nadine with you. I know that many times in the past I’ve shared about how much I love her Living Libations products. I use them all, I love them all. I generally recommend only Nadine’s skin care and essential oils because the quality and the ethics are so high and I believe completely in her business.

Just this month, Nadine has published her very own book, and I wrote the foreword for it

Stepping into true beauty
Divine healthy vitality
Awakened beauty
Letting go of old paradigms

Her new book Renegade Beauty
is filled with wisdom.
The beauty and wellness world is filled with marketing that constantly tells us what’s wrong with us and what we need to look like.
Nadine's philosophy is a huge relief ... and the wisdom she shares will awaken the truth that lies within you.
Beauty is so much deeper then erasing wrinkles and covering imperfections
Beauty is within you, and Renegade Beauty is
the manual to support your beauty awakening.

Is it time to let go
of the chemicals and empty promises,
the endless routines and clinging to
what we think beauty should be, because it's
what was sold to us? 
I say Yes.

Nadine and I text daily. We check in, we inspire, we witness, and we support each other. She offers me a lot of wellness advice. Nadine, my son burned his hand. Nadine texts me: peppermint oil. Another day, I text her again, canker sore. She replies, tooth gel. Sore throat I say, with a feverish daughter in arms; hot berry immune illume, she writes back, and I am relieved once again at having her support and her wisdom. 

I can't wait for the day that I spend time with her and her family at their headquarters aka heaven on earth.

I trust her like nobody else because everything she suggests works.

I am  impeccable with my recommendations. I only share products that truly feel good to me in my life; when Nadine asked me to write the foreword for Renegade Beauty, I immediately said yes. As I wrote, it was nearly impossible to articulate how deeply life changing Nadine and her knowledge are.

This book is beyond a book.

This book is an offering of her heart,
and an offering to the women
for the Revolution.


Please note that Carrie-Anne Moss is an affiliate for Living Libations, as it is a business she believes in deeply and strongly; she also believes in women supporting women as both a business model and a revolution.

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