Owning Your NO

I remember reading a statistic once that said 1 out of every 3 women is abused at some time in her life. I think it's more like 1 in every 2. Perhaps the abuse was physical/sexual/emotional or just subtly inappropriate. Most likely when you are in the company of another woman, her story includes some kind of abuse that has colored the way she sees the world.

As a young woman I remember so many times being in the presence of inappropriate behavior. The details are not necessary. We have all been witness to the dark energy that attempts to steal the light.

I remember one day being in the desert with some friends. We stopped at a convenience store to get snacks, and as we walked thru the aisles looking for chips and sweets, I saw an older man reading a trashy magazine. As i walked by him, he looked at me and with a twisted look on his face opened the page to me to say, look girlie, see what I'm looking at. A big part of me wanted to run away. I felt embarrassed for myself, for him. I felt creeped out and scared. I felt violated and disrespected.

In that moment I made a decision that this was Not Okay. I stopped. I looked him square in the eye and I said No.

No, you can't do that.

No you cant do that to me,

No, you can't do that to anyone.

I said that is not okay.

He went from creepy old man to scolded little boy in that moment. I count that instance as one of the most empowering moments of my life ... I took a stand for me and for all the other times I didn't say that's not okay

The Day I Said No Way.

I said it to him

I  said it to myself

I said it to the universe.

May you own the NO that lives within you and may we raise children, boys and girls who are not afraid of saying NO.


With gratitude,