Our Holy Work

I am blessed to know that, one day, this vibration which is real and alive
will be felt by someone.
— Carrie-Anne Moss

Hi beautiful women,

I am nearing the end of my stint in New York. My gypsy life comes to a pause as I re-enter my sacred real life of full-time mama.

This New York experience has brought depth to my soul and peace in my heart. My children thrived and my husband soared—finding his way as he always does with calm and humor. I meditated, created, and cultivated a life in a place I did not know—and in doing so, witnessed bits of me that are brand new.

I stayed in a tiny apartment for the first three-quarters of my job. I fell in love with the space—it was nothing fancy. The noises of people coming home late at night and others fighting on the street woke me up over and over again so I slept in the kitchen, which was cozier and quieter than the alcove intended for a bed yet placed right next to the street.

I will never forget moments spent figuring out first the heating, then the air-conditioning in my cozy little space, or walking out at night in my pjs and a long sweater for my evening treat of kombucha, or finding the perfect little juice shop on the corner and showing up for a job I absolutely loved.

My new spiritual teacher Paramatma Siri Sadhana said the other day—“To leave a vibration that others can feel years from now, generations from now, is holy.” 

As an actress, I have the great privilege of this in the form of films and TV. I'm blessed to be in a few movies that have deep philosophy and ideas that I'm so proud to leave this world—but I also feel the blessing of leaving this vibration in that tiny apartment in soho where I meditated and loved and chanted in. Where I wrote and poured my love into. I am blessed to know that, one day, this vibration which is real and alive will be felt by someone.

This is my encouragement for all of us: as we go through our lives, our days, let us all be aware of the energy we are communicating and the vibration we are leaving behind us. Let us bring our attention and intention to it. Let us leave a vibration others can feel years from now. This is holy work.

With gratitude,