From New York to Oslo

Here I am waiting for my connecting flight to Oslo.
Just a few hours ago I was grabbing a coffee at a cafe in NYC called I’m off to the real place.

Travel has been my education.
I didn’t go to college.
I travelled and learned about other cultures. I navigated cities where I had zero language to share. I figured out maps and subways on my own.

I met other travelers from all over the world and created community everywhere I went.
I still do that.
Honestly, I think that’s what I do best—
I create community.
I ache for community and connection.
I love people,
I love learning about other ways of living

I want to feel others,
Understand them,
Hear about their kids and their parents,
About their dreams and hopes for the future.

Norway is very forward thinking
Green thinking
Clean thinking
It’s been refreshing to be here.

My time in NYC was filled with press activities for my beloved Marvel’s Jessica Jones series on Netflix
Press means talking a lot about the show,
Getting my hair and makeup done,
Dressing well and paying attention to style.

I was asked quite often during this press week about Annapurna Livingand why I created it.

It made me reflect—over the past few years, Annapurna Living has evolved, 
and I’ve grown so much doing what I do here.
I’ve been finding my voice,
Articulating that through writing.
Creating content for my blog and courses has given me a deep sense of fulfillment.

I am often asked how to get into show business.
The answer is many layers deep,
But at the core is:
Do you love what you’re doing?
If you love it,
You can withstand the hard,
You can handle the rejection
You will find a way to hone your craft.
I have only ever wanted to be an actress.
Well—and actress and a mother.


I decided early on that if my desire was truly pure, then I would believe that it would happen no matter what.
If I could strip away some of the traps of longing for acting
The fame
The money
Proving I’m enough, etc.
And still feel the pure desire to tell stories, then I knew I could relax and have faith.
I found that pure desire,
And it gave me such solace.
I relaxed in trying to make it happen and simply trusted it would.
I felt blessed every time I put a scene up in acting class.
I prepared myself for future jobs
By getting up early,
Taking good care of myself, and
That when an opportunity came my way,
I would be ready ::

I love what I do.
I love being a part of storytelling.
I am deeply grateful that at a young age I was able to gather tools that supported in navigating show business with grace and grit and a hefty dose of gratitude.

I’m proud of Jessica Jones.
The community we created on that show is true family.
I hope you’ll watch it.

As I continue to see the world,
Traveling to work,
I’m in love with Norway and at the same time homesick for my family.

I missed a piano performance today .
I don’t miss much, but like every working parent, it stings, doesn’t it?
I had tears in my eyes watching the video of my girl playing in front of an audience as I sat on the runway At JFK.
I cried with most parts pride and a side part of sad.
I can feel all my feelings, and wow
When you make room for that,
Make room for all of the feelings,
Moving through life is sure more enjoyable.
As I talked to my girl on the phone,
I didn’t need to pepper our conversation with guilt
Because I’d felt my feelings already and I was able to be there with her
And her experience—
Not mine.
This moment,
Her playing the piano,
Is hers.
And I am again grateful
For the tools I have to navigate my life ...

Here’s to our feelings
To Community
To dreams and hopes
To our kids
To ourselves and
To all that we desire and love