My life has become my art

My life has become my art.
My imperfect and messy life.
Art is the remedy for these times, I think,
music and nature too.

I discovered the depth of my artistry one early morning 15 years ago.
At this point I am a new mother and the months of sleepless nights are a bit of a shock for me.
I am deeply in love with my baby and meeting him in the dark of the morning is an introduction to what I have grown to love.

Making art out of the mundane.
Making art out of the way I think.

The art I speak of is not the making of a painting—
it's the making of my life,
looking to what is right in front of me.
It began with my first born in the kitchen one morning and feeling the knowledge that being myself was the only parenting advice I needed.

So as we both looked at each other—with
me having zero clue of how I was going to mother this beautiful person—and him looking to me for information,
I decided to look to my life for all the wisdom:

The way I set the table.
The way I walk through my house.
The way that I speak to my husband, my friends, and my children.
The way that I deal with things and the way that I clean them up when I fall and mess up.

The candle that I light each morning that supports me has become my steady companion.
I gaze at that candle and I feel held, literally held,
by the simplicity of that flame.

That candle is art.
My voice is art.
My tone is art.
My words are art.
My being is art.

In any moment I can chose to bring beauty and love to a situation.
I can look inside of me for who am I going to BE.

I fail a lot.
Sometimes I am angry and impatient,
but I catch myself quickly and find a way to shift.
This shifting is real art.

I set the tone for my life.
No one outside of me holds my joy or the key to my fulfilled life.
I am the key.

I create,
I create,
I create.

With love from my home to yours, I invite you to see your life as your greatest art, and your greatest accomplishment.

Your life, your perfectly imperfect life...