Today I choose beauty and hope. In respect and deep gratitude to Alice Herz Sommer, I will turn the music up high and look for all the beauty I can see. Join me—will you?
As mothers, as women, let’s be that vibration which shifts this world to the most high ...
— Carrie-Anne Moss
My Mama

My Mama

Being a mother is a big deal.

We all know it, and even though the world doesn't always value the tasks of mothering, I say—that's okay. I know I'm doing important stuff while caring for a sick child or working through a growing pain of the heart. While it may feel like I am giving so much to these small people, I know that what they give to me is pure gold and I hold on to the big picture. I can see and feel how much my own mother's love created so much of who I am. I hold the space of mothering with respect and care because the loving presence of a mother can make all the difference in the lives of her children. 

When we read about people's lives, often the mention of mother is credited with greatness or credited with deep dysfunction. Supportive, loving mothers or caregivers help provide a foundation of self-esteem and confidence. Mothers driven by a desire for perfection can add neuroses to their children's lives. Alcoholic mothers create scars for some that are never overcome. Physical and verbal abuse leave their marks for a lifetime. And for many, Mother's VOICE is the voice which plays in the mind of the grown child forever—good and bad.

Yet, so many HAVE overcome ... human beings are, gratefully, resilient. For many of us, our catalyst for personal growth is the desire to overcome—to go beyond our childhoods or transcend them.

Mama and me.

Mama and me.

I watched a documentary on my flight to New York called “The lady in number 6.” It is an inspirational film sharing the story of Alice Herz Sommer, the oldest living pianist and holocaust survivor. Her story is painful but filled with so much beauty. Radiance and pure sparkles of joy emanate from her, even at the age of 109. In her story she shares how music saved her life and how, even in the the most horrific situations, she daily chose laughter and joy and music. She tells how, even through the uncertainty and devastation of those days, as she slept at night with her son curled up beside her, this simple act of connection gave him security and her joy gave him peace.

I am inspired by the joy in this woman's heart—she reminds me of all I believe. I remember why choosing to see beauty and goodness is paramount for our collective lives. I am reminded that in the dark there is still light. I remember that who I am being is the single most important thing I pass onto my children. I remember that Mother does mean so much and that, while I have littles looking to me, I will do my best to model kindness, truth, authenticity and Joy. 

Today I choose beauty and hope. In respect and deep gratitude to Alice Herz Sommer, I will turn the music up high and look for all the beauty I can see. Join me—will you? As mothers, as women, let's be that vibration which shifts this world to the most high ...

With love and gratitude,