Mom's Tech Rules

What are the ethics and values we want in our lives and in our families?
— Carrie-Anne Moss

This month I launched the Fierce Grace Collective and held to the values and ethics that I have at the center of what I do here online at Annapurna Living.
I was so excited to have done that—to create from home content with the intention of inspiring and uplifting others.
I’m grateful to say that my life levels up by the work I do here.
I grow
I ground
I stretch
I face myself.

Yesterday my husband said,
“Babe, you need limits on your tech use and how often you think about your online stuff.”

I received that. I heard him. 
I was not offended as i have been in the past.
(It’s not always easy to hear the truth )

Because of the timing and the growth in the air...
This piece of advice landed solidly.

A list was made and put on the wall:
:: mom’s tech rules::
Internet + work stuff—Monday through Friday, no later than 5pm.
Check email once before bed.
No use on Saturdays (yikes, I’ll let you know how that goes)
And Sunday—9am to 2pm work-related use of tech (I’m super creative on Sundays)

I implemented the rules right away.
Wow...I already feel the shift,
The container, the boundaries to lean against.

My daughter had been challenging during the week of the launch.
School? Probably.
Me? Absolutely.
When I’m in my head thinking of all the creative stuff I want to do,
I’m not here with my girl.
And my deeply connected girl knows it and starts pushing me, the one who often passive-aggressively judges my boys for being on their devices.
To be honest, I often feel it toward random people in their cars on their phones

Recognize the other person is you*

Grateful for this growing from this work I do.
My life is my greatest teacher.
So is yours.

It’s not always pleasant to look at the the things that may need our attention, but ultimately it’s empowering.
Blaming others for anything is disempowering and not how I want to live my life ::

So today i woke up at 4:30
No alarm clock.
I did my morning practice in the dark, and as I made the lunches and drove my eldest to the school bus,
I gave myself the acknowledgement that I’m growing,
And that I’m grateful
And in that, all is possible.
Always growing
Always finding my way

There is a way through every block*

Thank you, blocks,
For showing me what needs my attention.
Thank you for being here.
This opportunity for me
is a gift, and I’m deeply grateful.

Xxx Carrie-Anne

*sutras of the Aquarian Age by Yogi Bhajan

Sadie Casey