Meditation Creates the Space

Simple + Sincere are my guiding principles.
— Carrie-Anne Moss
Carrie-Anne Moss. Photo by  Denise Andrade-Kroon.

Carrie-Anne Moss. Photo by Denise Andrade-Kroon.


I can find loads of excuses to put off meditation. Kids, career, life…

But recently my husband insisted I do it daily. After fifteen years of marriage he knows me well, and I knew that his loving nudge to “get to it!” came from wanting the best for me. My center was being easily rocked and I felt scattered and chaotic. I was reacting a lot and deep down I knew he was right.

So I began doing a very simple meditation daily for 11 minutes and the effects have been so powerful. The shifts are subtle but profound and I feel a grounding that I lacked before. The space it creates within gives me more freedom. 

I have been also inspired so much by Yogi Bhajan to create a daily practice. He says:

Emotions are essential as life is essential. As long as you are emotional, you are living, trying to live. Even when you become ‘commotional’ it will be all right, but the fact is that emotions can get into the subconscious mind. Emotions have 2 options: to either become DEVOTION or COMMOTION. If it becomes devotion and enters the subconscious mind there is no pain.... but if the emotion becomes commotion and enters the sub conscious mind, then there is a problem. Then you have a pattern, a style of life, and then that pattern will govern you .
— Yogi Bhajan

When I teach yoga to a small group of women in my living room, I describe meditation as the feeling of “sitting at the altar of your soul.” Cultivating this can take patience, but it is powerful. At first, the mind tells us, “This is boring. I don't have time for this.” Or it replays an experience that happened earlier in the day. I’ve learned that after a few minutes of sitting at the altar of my soul I will sink deeply into myself and begin to expand. For me, the experience of being here with my breath and my soul is bliss.

Sure—I get agitated and look at the clock (sometimes), but what I know is that when I take these 11 minutes and sit in this way, I am much more the true me. I am more creative and I make sure to have a pad of paper next to me as so many ideas come to me at this time. I am more patient with my children. My overall feel of me is more grounded and from this place I am able to navigate my days with more grace. 

There are so many ways to meditate. I choose Kundalini because it works for me in a way that no other meditation has. The biggest gifts I have received from my Kundalini practice are the self-love, self-acceptance and power of presence these teachings have awakened within my being. Creating this space within gives me the clarity to create the life that I crave.

This is why I created my 10 day Simple + Sincere Meditation practice. I created it not just for you, but for me, too. What tools help you create a practice?

Listen to your life :: create your life :: surrender~ gratitude and one foot in front of the other :: 

With gratitude,