Magical Tea Giveaway from Danmala Teas

Let me sing a song for you of flower, root, leaf and seed ...
— Lindsay Luna, Danmala Teas

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway—Magical Tea Goodness created by Danmala Teas

By Lindsay Luna

I believe that a cup of tea can solve just about any woe. Whether it's a sensual blend of black teas with a sprinkle of jasmine and rose buds to promote inner beauty or a medicinal herbal brew filled with nourishing immunity boosting roots and leaves.

Botanicals + Water = Healing.

Much like a yoga practice, taking tea becomes a part of our daily rituals. It is the quiet transition that guides us from one moment to the next. A respite we can gift ourselves during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Let me sing a song for you of flower, root, leaf and seed...

I created Danmala Teas to provide others with a sensory experience infused with magic so that they can steep in the waters of supreme self care.

All my blends are curated to flow with the seasons. The botanicals are the narratives to the story told by a humble cup of tea. The unfurling ribbons of steam that transport our spirit to another realm where we can dance in field of wildflowers or cuddle up in front of a warm fire. It is these moments we create for ourselves when we learn the art of slowing down and connecting with our center.

Danmala Teas is a heart-centered business, a growing community, a philosophy and a way of love that encircles all the good and beautiful things we strive to create in our own lives.

As the wise Saki said, “Find yourself a cup; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me a thousand things.”

Giveaway Details

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This gift for a reader of Annapurna Living is a stocking stuffer featuring ...

  • Heartbeats Tincture Gem essence to assist with hearing your Soul Song
  • Steeping Wands
  • Tin of Gingerbread Man Tea
  • Celestial Tea Infuser
  • Tea Gem
  • Custom Crafted Tea Light

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Lindsay Luna of  Danmala Teas.  Photo by  Danielle Cohen.

Lindsay Luna of Danmala Teas. Photo by Danielle Cohen.

Lindsay Luna is a Weaver of Deva Stories + Giver of Flower Circles. A Spiritual Nomad living intentionally through the seasons on her family farm at the base of the Cascades in the beautiful PNW. Her shop offerings include seasonal tea blends and tea memberships and a variety of botanical creations made with a little magic and a lot of love.

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