Love. Fear.

by Elena Brower

Your own body will betray you.
Your entire life as you know it will one day disappear.
Are you opening, or closing?
Are you rising, or stalling?
Are you a slave, or are you free?
Are you being YOU, or are you busy trying to be
someone else?
And can you listen for love, or are you mired in fear?
Because this entire dance as you know it
will one day disappear.

Where do you stand, in your own heart?
And if you consider the last few choices you've made,
the big decisions you've taken, and you pulled up
the roots of those choices,
did you choose love, or was there grace?
Did you allow for that blast?
Or did you have to wait for sheer exhaustion to finally feel
like you were asking?

And can you make a net that's wide enough to let it all in?
Can we each make a promise to keep on listening?
And might this listening be our way back into love, and to trust;
the most perfect healing balm for all of us?

Time to respond to OURSELVES, and to G-d, as a friend.
This is our chance to finally change the ending
and re-tell the story and find ourselves in a heap
of resplendently glorious light and forgive what we've done
and do not what is "right"
but what is steeped in love.

That might be enough.

Elena Brower

Elena Brower is the author of Art of Attention, respected globally for her distinct blend of alignment and attention in her offerings of yoga, meditation and motivational work. She's been studying and teaching yoga and meditation since 1998, and is influenced by several traditions including Katonah, Para Yoga, and Kundalini. Current classes with Elena can be practiced on YogaGlo. 

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