Love: a Liberated Lines eCourse Giveaway

by Alisha Sommer

If you have taken a breath or two on this earth then you have touched Love. It is everywhere within you and surrounding you. It is always with us, pulsing through our daily life, yet there is this one time of year when it slams into focus. We choose liberation through submersion. We dive in.

This February we return to our liberated lines roots: Love. We all have stories about love. Love that has been lost and found, broken and repaired. Love that is elusive and fulfilling. Love that we feel and create. Love that is like the rock we lean on. Love that is unanswered, like a riddle we pick at each day, trying to find the edges and the centers and the way it could all possibly make sense.

Love is the most vulnerable topic we dance with in the liberated lines family. It is at the heart of our hearts. It holds the simplest and most complex truths. This year we spend three weeks holding space for Love in all of its constellation formations. Every day. For three weeks. Because we believe in the act of liberation.

We create, we write, we play, we spark, we speak of love. Because we believe in you. Because we believe in Love.  

liberated lines is a quick and dirty poetry and prose course, a mini dance with creative truth. We’ll play with images and words to find a new way of expression. It doesn't matter how brief, rough, or seemingly small, we invite you to draw your hand and play. To each day jump in with a little something—a little something messy and fresh and ragged. A little something beautiful and raw and daring. A little something private and elusive and tucked away. A little something that opens you towards your truth.


Annapurna Living is happy to host a giveaway for one seat in the upcoming Instagram-based poetry course liberated lines. The course runs February 9-27, 2015. Giveaway is open from 12 AM Jan. 28, 2015 Pacific Time and ends at 12 AM February 1, 2015 Pacific Time. Please read the Terms and Conditions for additional giveaway details. To enter, follow the directions on the Rafflecopter display.

About Robin: robin e. sandomirsky is a writer and healer who lives in small town New England with her children and four leggeds. She has equal love for headstands, free form balance work, green smoothies, bacon cheese burgers and rye. She has a BA and an MA in Counseling Psychology and is a certified Yoga Instructor. She is a Luminary explorer, Freedom Igniter, and Warrior blooded game changer. She lives by the tenets of Truth, Velocity, and Embodiment combined with a deep belief that you deserve.  Robin offers Luminary Healing sessions, and her In.Body Intensives and is the co-creator of liberated lines, an Instagram- based poetry course. You can find her at and on Instagram.


About Alisha: Alisha Sommer is a writer living in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children. She loves fresh-baked bread, laying in the sun, and the smell of the sea. When she's not knee-deep in laundry and lunch-making, she edits and publishes BLACKBERRY: a magazine,  and is the co-creator of liberated lines, an Instagram-based poetry course. You can find Alisha at her website,, and in her favorite playgrounds: Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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