I know you

Yet we have never met

It was someone else

Who you are now replacing

And I will unknowingly project them onto you.




You will merge with them

Their story will bleed into yours

Until I can't remember

Which was them and which is you


We all merge

Into each other

Our stories criss-crossing


The pain I felt with him

I will feel from you without you doing a thing


The look on your face will hit me

Because of before


The ache

The love and the in-between


You see, I feel the

Lineage of my great grandmother

I see through the eyes of my mother

My grandfather smoked cigarettes

My grandmother baked pie


On a boat we will be and I will remember sandwiches

In brown paper bags, and jelly fish


I remember lifetimes by the smell of a pie

The sound of a song sends me to the basement


I will trace the memories toward the light and I will infuse you with it

I will tell you my story not even knowing for sure if it's mine to tell


I will dive head first into the

The bedroom with the canopy bed and the flowered wall paper


I will breathe into my hope

I left  my angels there

I was in such a hurry

I forgot to bring them


I was in such a hurry and half sleep

That I missed it all


I've been softened by

The years of trying so hard




Woman by Michelle Gardella

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The photo in this post is by Michelle Gardella.