Life is moving like water

I stand waiting for my mama to walk through the doors at the airport international terminal doors.
Standing next to me is a man, and a little girl holding an iced Frappucino.
As the woman they are waiting for comes through the doors, the father hugs who seems to be his mama.
The little girl hugs her too and then offers her the drink.

I am a witness to their homecoming.
Their reunion.
The gift of this little touches my heart.

I've walked through these doors many times to my mama waiting for me.  From Europe to the USA, coming home was me—solo with a suitcase.
And my mom always greeting me.

Now I am the greeter.
My mama is visiting my life,
My family.
I bought the coffee she likes today:
Not too strong, and some not-too-ripe bananas.
These are the little things you notice when you grow up and realize that mamas have needs too.

I will cook for her and we will laugh and my children will be with their nana.
I will witness
I will laugh
I will take it all in.

Life is moving like water
And rushing
And for the next few days
I will float and linger
In the full moon of my life ::

I will make my mom coffee as weak as I can.
She most likely will rub my feet, and
When she leaves to return to her life,
I will marvel at time
I will honor that my life has many parts and that the first part
Made me who I am

I am grateful ::



Michelle Gardella River Session

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The photo in this post is by Michelle Gardella