Leverage + Magnification from Pollen Institute


We have better things to do than follow up & marketing. This is pretty much heresy for entrepreneurs, I mean, we need to be obsessed with our businesses, right? No, actually. Business doesn't need to come first to be profitable. It needs to be bright. It needs to be beautiful. It needs to be useful. It needs to be relevant to your market. It doesn't need to take over your life. This is great news for those of us who really, actually don't have 40-80 hours a week to crush a passion project.

So here's what we've learned from raising millions for businesses in the luxury car, plastic surgery, medical records, & music industries:


[lev-er-ij, lee-ver-]
to magnify the power of one's gesture thru positioning

Leverage is very, very important to the conscious creative entrepreneur. And it's what we understand the least. Because it means thinking strategically about every detail of your business. Don't worry. We don't mean you have to become someone that you aren't. It's waaaaay more intuitive than that. Here's a couple of examples:

Everyone that you touch with your work plays an urgent & vital role in the becoming of our just, thriving & sustainable planet. So when you put something into the world, let it be a gift for them to find you. Turn your tiny ideas, your tiny posts, your tiny mentions in your email into spontaneous offerings. When you receive invitations to participate in something, scan it for larger opportunities. Don't think about the opportunities as if they are just for you. Think about it from a few angles:

  • How can I share this opportunity with ten others?

  • How can I make sure they get the most out of it, possible?

  • Who are the ten folks I can share this with that need it most, & therefore, will have the most epic transformation/story/catalyst/case study?

  • What ten folks can I share with that are hubs, that hold & serve a community, that speak to a larger audience?

When you go to write something, or to speak, capitalize on that opportunity to flesh out the concept into something more useful. How can you cross mediums?

  • If you write a post, head over to Medium & turn it into an article. Or submit it to a couple of online journals.

  • Read your article into the Anchor app to create a podcast. Or call in a couple of friends to make it a discussion.

  • Host the session on Zoom, record it & call it a webinar. Drop it into some webinar software for an instant salespage, then build the course!

  • Read your articles onto video with keynote slides. Keep it on your website under a "videos" tab. So that one article is now a video, a podcast, & a webinar.

  • Flesh it out into Q&A sections & build it into a workbook.

If you paint, make music or create a physical product, work on it once a week at the same time. Turn on your IG live feed & invite others to join you. Let it become a movement. This came from 9 gorgeous months with the ethereal Katie Kendrick.

  • Use a hashtag for others to share. Share their work in your stories & email newsletter, maybe even your feed.

  • Drop in spontaneous giveaways, treats & surprises to generate "stickyness" (folx want to stick around).

  • Use that time to create intimacy, sharing personal stories of bits from your life.

  • Share resources & inspirations, cultivate community by sharing your community.

  • Sell your piece, which now has a built-in community who feel a soul-deep connection to it's creation.

Every single week there should be 3-7 new opportunities to consider. This is an easy reference for how vibrant your passion is. You don't have to be working on it all the time, the opportunities can look like big collaborations, or tea dates, giveaways, interviews, funding opportunities, open mics or open calls for submissions. Half of them should come from you. It doesn't mean you take them. Just pick the top 3.

So what does it look like to capitalize on this opportunity? What am I doing? What action or actions am I taking?


Bowing down, always, head-to-floor,
Maya + Ariana

This is an excerpt from the Next Level Latitude offering from Pollen Institute. To learn more about this offering, please click here and have a look around. Thanks to Maya and Ariana for permission to publish this piece. To find these women and their work on Instagram, use the following links: @pollen.institute ~ @urbanorganica ~ @saltwater.stars