Keeping Steady

One of things that's been life-changing for me is the concept that I can find the pause, the rest, the exhale within all I do.

Waiting until the end of the day
Or next week when I get it all done then I'll take a break
isn't sustainable. 

Keeping steady for me
Involves knowing that within it all
I can take a break.

I can mentally pause and find the calm inside all of it.
Of course, rituals such as tea and sitting down to eat are opportunities to take that exhale
But for me it's the mind break
It's the relaxing of my face
And the smile turning inward
Toward my heart
My soul.

Keeping steady for me is not falling off the rails when I read something infuriating.
It's being kind
Eating well
Sleeping well
And it starts in the dark on my sheepskin
When I connect to the blessing of my life
And of this journey I'm on.

This is my one life
How am I going to live it? ::

Keeping steady
Reminds me:

One foot in front of the other ::

Because when I am steady i can be helpful.
When i am steady I can be powerful
When i am steady i can be a force in the world without burning myself out.

Carrie-Anne Moss Annapurna Living

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polaroid photo: Catherine Just