June Bloom

May you bring in what you love, what you need, and what you crave.
— Carrie-Anne Moss

June is already here, and the quickness of it all amazes and exhausts me all at the same time.

School is coming to an end; all three of my children are growing and changing, and it’s taking this mama's breath away—how fast it is all going.

I remember as a child how slow time felt. An hour seemed like eternity and the summer long and languid. “Summer Vacation” was a long and winding road and the end was far out of sight. Sometimes I close my eyes and try to tap into that feeling. As I go through my busy I days I breathe that memory in an attempt to create a bit of space while I fill my days doing all that I do.

Creating space: that's what I'm exploring today—internal space, external space … my office, and so on. I’m letting a lot of things go right now, because this is one of the ways to create space. Let it go, let it fall away. All the beautiful blue glass bottles that I have been saving for a project I might do one day? Those are going into recycling this week, and it feels good. I have so much beauty on my plate already. The bottles can go, and the beauty is not affected. My creativity is not diminished, it is only clarified and concentrated more simply.  The bottles take up space, and I need space right now. I can use it.

Last year at Annapurna Living, I brought the men in during the month of June. I am inspired by so many men. This year, this June, I am thrilled to be doing it again and asking the men to write what they want—where they are and what is coming through them. My stellar husband and partner Steven Roy has written a piece that I'm so excited to share; one that makes me ponder so very much. (Stay tuned this month to read it).

May this month be intentional for you. May you bring in what you love, what you need, and what you crave. Simply and gracefully, may you find space to breathe and to be yourself.

XOXO Carrie-Anne