Inside the Lady Chapel: A Worthy Adventure

We over here at Annapurna Living simply couldn't resist putting out this sneak preview video from September's Fierce Grace Collective. September's theme is Venus + Gold: Nourish the Modern Goddess, and it features conversations between Carrie-Anne Moss and Lisa Lister during their recent day together in Glastonbury, where they visited the Chalice Well as well as the Lady Chapel, a space dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

Watch the video to see these women in the chapel, speaking about divine feminine, the void, Mary Magdalene, and how it's worth it to go into the depths of yourself and find your own personal SHE-source:

If you'd like to join Carrie-Anne Moss for Venus + Gold, you can sign up any time, and it begins on September 5. Learn more about Lisa Lister here.

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