Impeccable With My Word

There is a Kriya-meditation that I love to do.
It's called Laya Yoga and once,
As a part of my kundalini teacher training,
I did it for 2 1/2 hours.

In my Kundalini teacher training manual there is the how-to-do-it and then this directive ::
"When you practice this Kriya earnestly
Be conscious and graceful with each world you speak."

The words we speak matter.
The words we speak to our people face-to-face and
The words we use when that person isn't in the room
They matter.

The words we use — create the world we live in.
The words we think — are often given to us  
from our parents and society
And then we pass them on to our children, to our friends.
The stories we tell, sometimes over and over again,
Those stories inform others on who we are. 

It takes discipline to be impeccable with your word.
It takes awareness and humility to take a stand for your personal accountability, 
And to clean up when you mess up.
It takes waking up to decide—
That old story isn't mine anymore.

Impeccable with my word by Carrie-Anne Moss

I asked my dear friend Natalie
What she did for self care
She answered,
"I tell the truth."

Isn't that the truth.
Life is less complicated and
Relationships are clear and free
When both people know
That truth and honesty rest between them.

Be impeccable
Be graceful
Be conscious.

Let others around you know how powerful you are.


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