I want a life that's as true as the moon

As I walked to the car for the 10th time today
I looked up at the sky and saw the beauty of the moon.
The sky was cloudy and the mist was dramatic and the moon was as she always is to me:
Absolutely stunning::

My next thought was—of course so many of us women are clinging to the moon for dear life.
Clinging to the magic we believe in so purely.
Hoping and crossing our fingers that all will be well.
Looking for a sign that everything will be ok.
That this earth will thrive,
That humans will too.

We cling to the moon as only women can,
With hope and reverence and absolute total relief.

Ahhh she’s there
She’s steady
She’s beautiful
She’s graceful
She’s powerful
She changes and flows
She is me
She is you

I know the moon is in style and thank god she is
Because I’m so over shopping and trying so hard
I’m over pushing it and making things happen

I am looking for a life that is as true as the moon
A life the glows with radiance
A life that understands rhythm

Everything I am doing in my life is in the vibe of SIMPLIFY
as I ~ recalibrate ~ weed out ~ build ~ feel ~ expand ~ love ~ explore ~ clean
at the core I ask myself, how can I simplify here?
Why am I doing what I’m doing?

From work
To relationships to play and love :::
Wherever I can, I get down to what’s truly important to me and answer the questions of what and why?

Annapurna Living is a reflection of my inner world. I never fake it.
I never sell it
I am not for sale
I do not hustle.
I create what I need
I share my journey and I look to inspiration from within me.

What is important to you? Who will remember the sound of your life? Who will remember the way you smelled and the touch of your hand?
While we dance alone, together and side by side...it will be the subtle things that are remembered.
Not the big sparkly show-stopping highs, but the late-night quiet soul-to-soul.

Remembering the slippers placed at my feet by a five year old on a cold morning years ago still takes my breath away. An innocent question in the dark of the night will live in my heart forever ::
Being with a friend through something hard—the quiet of that is real and everything.

The pretty stuff is pretty but the real life is my elixir.
It's what keeps me going and gives me the strength to keep on keeping up.
I want to see the truth
I want to hear it
I want to be it :

So here I go. I keep on keeping up.