I need this. We all do.

I remember once visiting my teacher Guru Singh. At the time, I had my second baby in a stroller and we were walking around the neighborhood. It was a counseling session for a mama with a baby.

We walked and talked while the baby napped. Well, I did most of the talking. I was sleep deprived and was having an issue with a mother in my older son's class.

I was going over the event and rambling about it, and Guru Singh said very calmly, "Are you leaning on your tools? Your meditation, your Sadhana?"

I said, "Well I just don't have time. Two small children and all the things I've got going on... I just don't have time."

He gently laughed and said: "This is when you need it the most."

When you don't have time is when you need it the most.

Honestly I didn't go home and apply that wisdom. No, I sure didn't. I wish I had! And I continued struggling with this and that and other things.

The truth for me is that when I meditate, my life works. When I don't, I fall apart much easier and I get caught up in drama, or I have a harder time finding my way out of the muck.

Image Credit: Michelle Gardella

Image Credit: Michelle Gardella

I created the Fierce Grace Collective to share this with you - to bring together a circle of women who need these same things.

Some gentle guidance to keep you on track when you feel like you "don't have time" and "can't do that right now".

There is power in creating this circle and knowing that we are all in it together.

It's time to commit to your soul.

It's time to make a commitment to yourself that will feed you.

It's time for women to commit to each other, to the greater container that we can be together.

This is the Fierce Grace Collective.

Each month members will receive

  • 4 weekly guiding videos
  • an audio meditation and visualization exercises
  • a beautiful printable calendar created just for us with the moon in mind
  • downloadable worksheets
  • creative prompts
  • and a live monthly call with me and the collective.

You can join us right here. We have both monthly and annual relationships, so you can choose the best option for you.

May you be blessed.

With Love,


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