Holding Home: You are not alone

Holding home
Holding on
Holding space
Holding on

Can you taste it?
It’s the uncomfortable
It’s in the in-between
It’s in the being-with-her-pain (and yours)
It’s in birthing the next phase,
the next idea, the next home
It’s in the letting go of all that doesn’t serve
It’s letting go of figuring it all out.

There is a space within  
that makes room for not knowing
It’s a tough place for me and most women I know
It’s feels scary,
Control doesn’t work here.

That’s why we dance
Why we sing
We want to make food for our neighbors when they fall.

It’s why we offer tea to our friends
And soup to our sick kids.

It’s the comfy bed that holds the weight of the world for the evening.
It’s the ceremony—
Flowers in our hair
Dirty feet and the smell of pine trees

Please remember:

You are not alone
You are not alone