Hi beauties!

In this life I have been gifted, there have been many juicy moments. There are the moments I connect in simplicity and grace with my children, and I am witness to the developing beauty of an innocent soul.

There are the times when I sit across from my husband, my partner of 15 years, and in conversation I get prickly and offended—and then I catch a glimpse, a glimmer of truth. The walls and the defending fall away and I sit in a truly undefended space feeling relieved to see the simple truth, yet again, of intimacy and deep soul love.

Guru Singh, my spiritual teacher for over 20 years, reminded us  in class the other day that “the dark moments will always come—of course they will. Hopefully we have another person who will gently slip a note under the door to say, come now. Face to the light, heart to the light.”

I have that in the form of my husband and best friend. I have spiritual teachers who remind me of this, and as a teacher myself I choose to be this for others.

Please join me in my virtual meditation circle ...

I will slip that note to you—I will ask you, gently and fiercely, to face the light ...

Heart to light my friends … heart to the light.

With love,