Healing Portals by Denise Andrade-Kroon

You are the windows through which you must see the world.
— George Bernard Shaw
All photos by  Denise Andrade-Kroon

by Denise Andrade-Kroon

For the majority of the year where I live in the most Northern part of Washington State, there is a haze of gray over the sun.  When we first moved here we were told to find a home with windows ... a lot of windows so the wee bit of light could pour in and our bodies receive even the most minimal amounts of Vitamin D (along side supplements we take).

“Windows will nourish your soul here,” we were told by locals.  

It was indeed true. After three years living here, our windows quench our thirst for light and our soul with divinity.


Although, even when I lived in California where sun beams were not blanketed with clouds or fog, windows were still very sacred to me. Without being conscious of it, as a little girl, my window sills were altars where I would lay down that which connected me to what was Holy and Divine. To this day, I place things on and around my window with that which is precious to me and it is where I go for meditation and prayer. I change what is on my window sill altar quite often to suit the rhythm of my heart flow and what it needs but what stays ever present are the scarves I drape over the top. They are scarves that were gifts from loved ones whom are a safe haven for my heart and the fabric cloaks my windows in a way that emulates their arms wrapping gently around me.

What I love about the element of scarves as opposed to curtains is that each one is unique ... no two windows are alike and there is less pressure for them to be perfect. Scarves can drape in a lopsided way and yet they still flow ever gracefully across the window and even though they are filled with various patterns, textures, sizes and shades of color, somehow they align with the design of your home.


Doesn't it feel nourishing to think outside of the box ... even when it comes to something as simple as what to adorn our windows with? Windows offer a peek into what surrounds our sacred living space on the inside and outside. This is why I choose to surround these precious portals with healing energy ... whether flowing in or out of my home, it brings life and nourishment to our beings.

 photo Denise Andrade-Kroon

Denise Andrade-Kroon is a gentle fae mama living in the wilds of her dreamy haven in Bellingham, Washington. When she is not creating lush, cozy nooks in her home or nurturing her husband and son, she spends her time on various creative projects and writing her fertility memoir. Visit her online where she shares her life, love, and glimmering daydreams at www.faesoul.com or click here to follow her on Instagram.