Glorious Moments, Golden Lessons + Letting Go

Who would I be if I let go of the fear, or the worry? Who would I be if I stood in the magic of this moment, with all its uncertainty and angst?

This is a question I ask myself a lot as I'm rushing out of the door in the morning; or as I'm looking at my calendar and crossing my fingers and toes that I won't miss my son’s school play while I'm away on location working. I could spend so much time thinking it through and trying to figure it out ... or I could be with that same son NOW  as we move through the everyday of life.

Of course the play is important and you know I'll be on a red eye in a flash if I am needed, but life lives in the mundane moments, not so much the big scheduled ones. Life lives in the brushing of teeth, the moving past each other on the way to the next thing. It lives In the car while driving here and there, in eating dinner together, in those glorious moments when the whole family flops at the end of the day into the living room to watch a movie or show together, with small feet tangled on laps and dogs curled on couches. It lives simply, as we strive to do.

As an actress I have had to master the golden lesson of surrender. The reality is that I never know when I’ll be working or what time, even day to day. I see the look of confusion on the faces of others when I explain I don't know what time I work tomorrow. In fact I might not know tomorrow. I call this a golden lesson because my nature can be to control; this has made me stretch into comfort in a place that originally was uncomfortable to me: unstructured, always moving, never knowing.

I'm gearing up to head to New York for work, and I can feel the gypsy in me excited for the adventure. At the same time, I'm a creature of ritual and habit and—out of necessity for my soul—I will try to bring as many of them as possible with me as I set up a home away from home. I will bow in gratitude that my husband has the home grounded in his love and presence. I'll let go of my fear around the extra screen time that my kids may have and instead I will beam love from the deepest place of respect for this family that I have grown.

As spring approaches and I see the possibility and feel what intentional, seasonal, awake living can bring, I'm in awe. In many ways, it’s really just a mind set. It's noticing, paying attention. As I head into this season of my life, I'm grateful to others who inspire me::

  • Paramatma’s space weather for deep kundalini and cosmic wisdom
  • Malin :: for  activism and fashion
  • Soulemama who connects me to the seasons and to  the simplicity of this beautiful hand grown life
  • Danielle Laporte for inspiring so many women entrepreneurs to show up all in and authentic ::
  • Elena Brower and her gracious giving heart ❤️
  • Natalie for her infinite parenting wisdom and coaching

Make a wish, my friends. In these times of uncertainty and intensity, we can put the wishes of our hearts into action through discipline, self love, and grit and grace; in this way we can shift it all, and we can create it all.

With so much love,

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