Giveaway! Buttermilk Sandalwood Honey Mask

Enter to win a 2 oz. jar of handcrafted Buttermilk Sandalwood Honey Mask
from Wild Honey Apothecary!

Mask details:

=Intended Benefits=

  • Lactic Acid / softens, brightens, tightens
  • Anti-oxidants /  repairs cells, combats free radical damage 
  • Hydration
  • Sandalwood / aromatically relaxing and cleansing 
  • Buttermilk / soothing

Ingredients: Organic buttermilk,  raw honey, non-gmo grapeseed oil. organic jojoba, organic beeswax, wild harvested sandalwood powder and wild harvested sandalwood essential oil. (May need a stir before each use).

Meet the owner of Wild Honey Apothecary!

I am Kat Davis, holistic RN with a gypsy soul. I am the founder and head mixer of Wild Honey Apothecary. Based in Wisconsin our studio is full of music, love and dreams. I have a healthy love affair with botanicals and raw honey and it is my greatest pleasure to share them with you. My inspirations come from walks in the woods, day dreams, travel and ancient healing books. I am devoted to you in herbal sisterhood, always. Find me online at Wild Honey Apothecary, on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

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